Lists. I love them! Before I turned 30, I did a “29 Things To Do Before 30” list which included exciting things like bungee jumping as well as mundane things like getting my driver’s license. To kickstart my running lifestyle, I did a “17 Races in 2017” challenge. Lists may seem silly to some, but I find they push me to live my best life. On the 13th October 2019, I turn 39! With 40 just a year away, I think it’s time for another list! My mum always said she found turning 40 intimidating as it felt like a crossover from youth to ‘real adulthood’. But once she reached her 40s, she loved it. With that in mind, I’m choosing to embrace it with open arms!

Although I have lots of life goals, this particular list is specific to fitness and running with a huge dose of travel and adventure, friendship, giving back and personal development. I’m giving myself a two-year timeline so it covers the year leading up to my 40th as well as my 40th year. So with that said, join me, as I RUN TOWARDS 40!

Runs and Races

1: Run a Marathon: The tagline of my blog is “Faking My Way To A Marathon”. Well, the time has come. I’ve now run 5 Half Marathons and I’m feeling slightly more comfortable about my chances at the full distance. My body is not built for real speed, but I have found great joy in going slow and steady over long distances. So let’s see how far I can go!

2: Run an Ultra Trail Marathon: Haha! You may be surprised to see this here, given I’m only now thinking of running a marathon, and I’m no trail ninja! But when I was at the Gauteng Trail Clinic in July, something happened. I put my name in a draw for the Addo 44km Ultra Trail which takes place in the vast and beautiful Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I didn’t win and breathed a sigh of relief. But when I got home, the lady who had won it, contacted me and said she had a clash of dates and would I be interested in the race entry? My head and heart both shouted “No” as I typed “Yes”, LOL! Immediately afterwards I thought “What have I done?!” So it’s on the list and scheduled for 7th March 2020.  Done! 19 March 2022

3: Run the Berg – Extreme 50km: Last month I did the 2-stage Trail Race in the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. I chose the Challenge Option which was 30km over two days. My husband and friends did the Extreme version (50km over two days) and came back looking like they had been at war! Seems that was enough to entice me, LOL!

4: Do a Spartan Obstacle Course Race: I did my first ever obstacle course race in July 2018 and absolutely loved it. I chose this one as it seems really tough and would love to do it with my husband as a team challenge.

5: Run the Cape Town Marathon: This is taking place on the 18th October 2020 – 5 days after my 40th, so this seems like the best way to celebrate my big day, and in Cape Town too!

6: Run the Om Die Dam Half Marathon: This race is in South Africa too, but closer to home. It’s a tough race, but listed on many people’s Bucket Lists, so I’ve thrown it onto mine too.

7: Run the Jacaranda Half Marathon: This race takes place in Pretoria when all the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom with beautiful purple flowers. I love Jacaranda Season so here we go!

8: Run the Knysna Forest Half Marathon: Another beautiful part of the world! Who wouldn’t want to run in Knysna?

9: Run the Victoria Falls Half Marathon: I bunjee jumped off the Victoria Falls Bridge for my 30th, now it’s time to run across the bridge.

10: Run in my mum’s home town: My mum was from the west coast of Norway. She came to Botswana in the seventies and always joked that when she met my dad, she lost her return ticket home. Before she fell ill, we had all planned to travel to Norway as a family. Tragically, she passed away before we made it. There is a huge race in her home town, the Knarvikmila/ Great Fjord Run, and I will run it for her and for the amazing family she left behind.

Goals and Targets

11: Do a #20in20 Race Challenge: I started running in 2017 by setting myself a goal of running 17 races. The year 2020 just lends itself to a similar challenge! It was a struggle to get to 17 as it meant travelling quite a bit for races. So let’s see how I manage 20!

12: Bring my Half Marathon tally to 15: I am in love with this distance and I am looking forward to a great running adventure. I’ve done 5 already so 10 more to go over the next two years.

13: Run a 2:15 Half Marathon time: My current PB is 2:24:01.

14: Run a Sub-30 5km: My current PB is 30:34. Done! 15 Dec 2019, 29:52

15: Run a Sub-60 10km: My current PB is 1:06:37. Done! 12 July 2020, 59:28

16: Run 1km in 5 min: My current PB is 05:40.

17: Run a mile in 8 minutes: My current PB is 09:20.

18: Complete a 40 day running streak: My longest running streak is 10 days so this may be quite the challenge! Done! 01 May 2020

19: Race in Shorts. Done! 23 Feb 2020

20: Join the Sports Bra Squad: Just one run, and it doesn’t have to be a race!

Physical Challenges

21: Hold a Plank for 4 minutes: I don’t know… but here goes! Done! 25 Dec 2019

22: Hold a Teaser in Pilates for 40 seconds

23: Accomplish 4 Pull-Ups

24: Complete a 40 Push-Up Challenge

25: Learn to swim 400 metres: I can’t swim so this will probably be harder than completing a Marathon for me!

26: Achieve and maintain my ideal body weight: I have done well to lose my baby weight but I am still stuck with weight I gained in our honeymoon period! I am not aiming to lose all of it. But to reach my ideal weight, I would need to take off about 4 kg.

27: Get toned arms

28: Attend 40 gym classes each year

29: Complete a 40 Day Plank Challenge. Done! 29 Dec 2019.

30: Climb Table Mountain: I did it back in 2003. I would love to see if I have it in me to do it again.

31: Do the Makgadikgadi Pans Walk: This is a 3-day walk covering approx. 120km. I’ve dreamt of doing this since 2006. I think it’s time.

32: Go Hiking in 4 new places in BotswanaDone! 13 Oct 2020.

Outreach and Personal Development

33: Organise sponsorship for 40 girls for a race (kit + race entry)

34: Host a running workshop

35: Get 4 mums off the couch Done! 6 July 2022.

36: Get to 1000 followers on my social media platforms

37: Create 4 varieties of GF energy bars

38: Organise a social running group for mums

39: Get my work colleagues to participate in 4 races: I’ve really tried this and failed. So this is tougher than it may sound!

40: Celebrate Turning 40 in Grand Style. Done! 13 Oct 2020.

Hubby says I am being too ambitious, and you know what I say? LET’S DO THIS!

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