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Year of Running 2020

I’ve already done a recap of the 12 races/ challenges I did this year. But to review the year, I’m going to use a format from previous years – 2018 and 2019¬†where I follow a series of prompts to discuss various elements of my running year, beyond just racing. 2020 – Focus, Fight, Finish Best… Continue reading Year of Running 2020

Goals · Review

Let’s Keep On Keeping On

The third quarter of the year is done and dusted! I started on a high, took a bit of a nose-dive somewhere in the middle but ended with lots of smiles and tired muscles. Although I’ve gotten used to our altered state of affairs, I still long for pre-pandemic times. I miss racing, like real… Continue reading Let’s Keep On Keeping On

Goals · Review

Focus: Fight: Finish (Mid Year Review 2020)

My running theme for 2020 is “Focus – Fight – Finish” but of course when I chose those words I had no idea just how much I’d have to focus and fight to finish all the goals I had set. A year dedicated to my first marathon and 19 other exciting races (local and international)… Continue reading Focus: Fight: Finish (Mid Year Review 2020)

Goals · Review

How COVID-19 Turned My 2020 Plans Upside Down

This post was meant to be a first quarter review of my year – I was going to tell you how my marathon training was going, the races I’ve done as part of my #20in20 Race Challenge and all the races I could look forward to in the second quarter of the year. Well… the… Continue reading How COVID-19 Turned My 2020 Plans Upside Down