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Interview | Conquering Mt. Meru, Tanzania

In June 2021, I interviewed Ebulani on her momentous journey up Mount Kenya. What took me by surprise was that she made her 4,985m ascent to the famous Lenana Point only a year after becoming a hiker. That post was the highest read of 2021 and the fourth highest in all my years of blogging.… Continue reading Interview | Conquering Mt. Meru, Tanzania

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Interview | From Asthma To Marathons

Although I have such huge admiration and respect for the Isaac Makwalas and Gerda Steyns of the world, the stories that motivate me the most come from ordinary runners, like you or me, who usually started running later in life, who once believed they couldn’t run or who don’t fit the typical “athletic mould” and… Continue reading Interview | From Asthma To Marathons

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Guest Blog | Holiday Hiking In South Africa

Written By Guest Blogger Ticha Pfupajena The past two years have been very tough for most people – pandemics, lockdowns and basically worlds turned upside down. However, it hasn’t been all bad as one of the good things to come out of this craziness is that our family has used it as an opportunity to… Continue reading Guest Blog | Holiday Hiking In South Africa

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Woman Of The Year | Khanyisa, Endo Warrior

International Women’s Day is marked every year on the 8th March to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It also brings attention to critical issues facing women such as gender equality, reproductive rights or gender-based violence. The theme for 2022 is Break The Bias and today I would like to celebrate… Continue reading Woman Of The Year | Khanyisa, Endo Warrior

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Fancy A Run In Singapore? Let’s Go!

I visited Singapore for a conference in 2010. As it coincided with my 30th birthday, Ditiro joined me and we had a fabulous week. I remember how immaculate everything was and I was in awe of the sophisticated transport system, all the high-end shopping malls, the multitude of colourful cuisines and the organised markets with… Continue reading Fancy A Run In Singapore? Let’s Go!

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Let’s Run In Nairobi, Kenya!

Runner blogger Wanja from Nairobi, Kenya has been running on and off since 2013 and has participated in several races including four Half Marathons. Having run in Kenya, Tanzania, Gabon and Mauritius, she’s experienced some of the rich culture and diversity of Africa. Her favourite distance is 10km as it’s enough not to require multiple… Continue reading Let’s Run In Nairobi, Kenya!

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Running The Tree Lined Streets Of Asmara

My friend Gape has always loved being active and in primary school participated in all kinds of sports, but especially enjoyed running which he has carried through to this day. He was a year behind me at High School and although we never interacted, I knew him as one of the crazy guys always running… Continue reading Running The Tree Lined Streets Of Asmara

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Beast Mode State of Mind

Written By Guest Blogger Ticha Pfupajena There’s a quote I heard somewhere that has stuck with me “Opinions are like armpits – everyone has them, and some of them stink”. This is especially relevant now during the current coronavirus pandemic as everyone seems to have an opinion on something – whether it’s wearing masks in… Continue reading Beast Mode State of Mind

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Marathon Training Nutrition 101

How often have we thought to ourselves, “If only I had a bit more time, I would…”. Well, if ever there was an opportunity for us to reassess an area of our life and make changes, it’s probably now while we have more quiet moments to ourselves. One thing I’ve struggled with is ensuring I… Continue reading Marathon Training Nutrition 101

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Five Incredible Mountain Summits

As I get older, I realise how fortunate I’ve been to have had such positive influences in my life. In all spheres, be it academia, career, motherhood or fitness, I’ve always had role models. A key influence in the area of fitness has been my Aunt Mette. She has always been extremely fit participating in… Continue reading Five Incredible Mountain Summits