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A Walk On The Wild Side

With all the changes that came with the pandemic, I wasn’t too enthusiastic or in the mood to celebrate my 40th Birthday in October 2020. So when my husband suggested a trip to the Okavango Delta – one of the world’s most exotic destinations, I was over the moon. The Okavango Delta is a huge… Continue reading A Walk On The Wild Side

40 By 40 · Hiking

Our Adventure In Goo-Moremi Gorge

I’m on a mission to hike in four different places in Botswana as part of my #40By40 Challenge. My first two hikes were in the south-east of the country – the first was a lovely hike in the Mmamotshwane Gorge with its majestic rocky walls and the second, an epic 6-hour hike in the hills… Continue reading Our Adventure In Goo-Moremi Gorge

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In Search Of Botswana’s Highest Peak

Although Botswana has the potential to be a great hiking destination, there are very few recognised hiking paths or marked trails. That’s not to say there are no hiking places – you just need to have an adventurous streak and to be prepared to blaze your own trail! The Botswana Tourism Organisation highlights that the… Continue reading In Search Of Botswana’s Highest Peak

40 By 40 · Hiking

Hiking With The Kids In Mogonye

How often do we dream of visiting far-off places and overlook what’s on our very doorstep? This was one of the reasons I chose ‘Go Hiking in 4 New Places in Botswana’ as part of my #40By40 Challenge. The few hikes I’ve done in the past have opened my eyes to the natural beauty of… Continue reading Hiking With The Kids In Mogonye

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How I Trained For And Ran A Sub-60 10K

Around 9km, Zurika and Ditiro had pushed ahead so I had a target to chase. Gape remained by my side with the tough job of making sure I kept up. We had just battled a stiff wind and an unexpected incline that had thrown me slightly off target pace. For the first time that morning… Continue reading How I Trained For And Ran A Sub-60 10K

40 By 40

Running Towards 40 (Update 1)

Remember my #40By40 Challenge? When I turned 39 last year, I decided to come up with a list of things I wanted to achieve by my 40th Birthday. The list is specific to fitness and running with a huge dose of travel and adventure, friendship, giving back and personal development. I gave myself two years… Continue reading Running Towards 40 (Update 1)