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A Conversation With A Runner Who Rides

My husband Ditiro is your true “Jack of All Trades” – he is a veterinary surgeon by profession but if your car needs fixing or you need to have a table made or you need some race photos taken, he is your guy! And it’s the same for sports – growing up he was into… Continue reading A Conversation With A Runner Who Rides

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Keeping Fit While Raising Young Kids

Are you struggling to find ways of keeping fit while raising young kids? Do you find you don’t have the time? After a busy day, are you just too exhausted to work out? When you do exercise, do you feel guilty that you are neglecting your family? Many mothers have asked me how I manage… Continue reading Keeping Fit While Raising Young Kids

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Five Great Lessons From Soweto

I recently recapped my Soweto Half Marathon which took place in November last year. It was an awesome adventure. I had a solid training plan and although I got injured a week before the Big Day, I ran quite a solid race. However, it was only my second Half Marathon and in the last few… Continue reading Five Great Lessons From Soweto

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My 2019 Running/Fitness Goals

I LOVE the start of a new year. It’s always filled with so much promise and hope. I love setting new goals and starting on a blank sheet. Of course, each year has it’s ups and downs and often doesn’t go exactly as planned. But I always find that setting goals keeps me focused on what… Continue reading My 2019 Running/Fitness Goals

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The Races, The Bling, The Lessons – 2018

It’s a piece of metal, not always pretty, but it’s often the one thing that keeps us pushing through the pain to get to the Finish Line! No race is ever the same and every medal tells a story, sometimes one of disappointment, other times of joy but most times it tells the story of… Continue reading The Races, The Bling, The Lessons – 2018

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Five Benefits of Hiking for Runners

When the opportunity arose to do a 40 km hike from Gaborone to Otse, my friend Elisa and I jumped at it quite enthusiastically without too much thought which admittedly led to some last minute panicking and mutterings of “Whose idea was this anyway?”! The Second Annual Old Lobatse Road Expeditionary Walk was organised by… Continue reading Five Benefits of Hiking for Runners