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Five Ways To Deal With Post-Race Blues

Training for a big race can be all-consuming. For months, everything is centred around it – the structure of your days, your nutrition, your sleeping schedule, your weekend activities, and yes, even your conversations. As you approach the race, you visualise all that will follow – the finish line, the photos on social media, the… Continue reading Five Ways To Deal With Post-Race Blues

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Let’s Talk: Running And Mental Health

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week, is an annual event which shines a much-needed spotlight on mental health. Although the event started in the UK, it has become one of the biggest awareness weeks globally. In Botswana, as in many other countries, there is a stigma that surrounds mental health but… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Running And Mental Health

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Interview | From Asthma To Marathons

Although I have such huge admiration and respect for the Isaac Makwalas and Gerda Steyns of the world, the stories that motivate me the most come from ordinary runners, like you or me, who usually started running later in life, who once believed they couldn’t run or who don’t fit the typical “athletic mould” and… Continue reading Interview | From Asthma To Marathons

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Running The Alphabet | A – G

This series of posts is inspired by Judy from Chocolate Runs Judy who recently used the alphabet to share places she has visited or lived in, and very importantly whether she has run there or not. As someone who loves running to explore new places, her two posts struck a chord with me immediately and… Continue reading Running The Alphabet | A – G

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Life Lessons From Running An Ultra | Part 2

Running is one of the greatest metaphors for life. As I’ve been reflecting on my Ultra-Trail journey, I’ve found so many parallels and critical lessons. In my last blog, I shared some of them including the importance of dreaming big, remembering that pain is temporary but regret is forever, that you get what you put… Continue reading Life Lessons From Running An Ultra | Part 2

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Life Lessons From Running An Ultra | Part 1

It’s been three weeks since my Ultra-Trail Marathon on the mountains of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It was an incredibly tough challenge that tested me on so many levels – but somehow, I ran, walked and crawled my way to the finish in 9+ hours. When we travelled back in the open safari… Continue reading Life Lessons From Running An Ultra | Part 1

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Post-Ultra | Walking Away The Aches & Pains

Active recovery?! Regular readers will know I’m not about that life! It’s something I always say I’m going to do but laziness quickly takes over and I end up doing very little. Of course, I regret it later when I’m struggling to get back to running. But as an ultra-trail marathoner 😉 I felt it… Continue reading Post-Ultra | Walking Away The Aches & Pains

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Running In South Africa’s City Of Roses

The journey from Gaborone to my ultra-trail in Addo, South Africa was about 1,300km so we did it over two days. Bloemfontein was halfway so we stopped here for the first night and as it was a city we had never visited, we were keen to explore it on the run! Bloemfontein, means “fountain of… Continue reading Running In South Africa’s City Of Roses

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It’s The Final Countdown!

My 16-week journey to the Addo Elephant Ultra-Trail has been anything but easy. I always knew the training would be tough but I didn’t expect all the setbacks, from poor fitness levels, motivation struggles, work travel, food poisoning and even Covid. With only 463 of 750km run, I know I go into this race undertrained.… Continue reading It’s The Final Countdown!

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Pack With Me For Addo!

Over the last few days, I’ve been running around trying to get everything sorted for our trip to Addo! We leave on Thursday and I still have a million and one things to do – a tonne of meetings and reports, packing, blogging, PCR Test, and the biggest of all, writing detailed instructions for my… Continue reading Pack With Me For Addo!