One Runner’s Story Of How Running Saved His Life

When I was on my mission to run 17 races last year, I got a knee injury after my 6th race. I felt so sorry for myself but after a few physio sessions, I returned to running.  My minor injury though pales in comparison to what my friend Johannes went through. On Boxing Day last… Continue reading One Runner’s Story Of How Running Saved His Life

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Five Lessons from Running the Berg

For those who are regular readers of my blog, you know who Tapiwa is. She has featured in several training and race recaps! We often start our races together, have a good chat before she pushes ahead for her powerhouse finishes. We have a great running partnership and if I am to define it, I… Continue reading Five Lessons from Running the Berg


An Interview with Victoria

A few weeks ago I launched a new series on the blog centred around people who I really admire and look up to in the world of fitness. So often we look for inspiration in the celebrity world and we forget that we can learn so much and gain so many insights from the people… Continue reading An Interview with Victoria


An Interview with Elisa

On my mission to complete 17 races in 2017, I have most enjoyed running with friends and family. It has been more fun than I ever imagined it would be and I have drawn so much inspiration from them. This is the first post of my “Inspiration Series” where I plan to interview different people who inspire… Continue reading An Interview with Elisa