About Me

My name is Shathiso and I am writing from Gaborone, the quiet and beautiful capital city of Botswana.  I recently turned 36 and that really kick-started this new fitness journey for me. I was probably at my fittest when I was studying psychology in the UK (2001 – 2005) where I had the flexibility to attend aerobics classes 5 days a week.

Canterbury – 2004

However, when I returned home and started working, I got into a fitness “slump” where my only exercise was moving from my office desk to my lovely soft couch at home! 🙂 When I got married, things got even worse as we really lived it up and used any excuse to travel, go out for dinner or order take away!

Mozambique – 2009
Singapore – 2010

When I fell pregnant, I was already very unfit. So although I put on a lot of weight during both pregnancies (2012 and 2014), I cannot really blame my kids for that…



Anyway, when I turned 36 in October 2016, I really wanted to stop procrastinating, to stop making excuses, and to just get fit. A few days before my birthday I dusted off (literally!) my old treadmill and hopped on! I could only do 1 minute of jogging before having to walk but immediately signed up for three races between October and November 2016.


I did my fastest 10k race (walking and jogging) in 1:18:41. I can now (February 2017) run for around 21 minutes without stopping (around 3 km).

My main goal for 2017 is to do 17 running/walking events – #17in2017 

My goals for this blog are simple:

  1. To talk about my “running” journey in the most real and honest way I can. 
  2. To learn from runner bloggers from around the world. I have been amazed at the online community that exists for runners. I have also really been inspired by people’s stories and the friendships they have made through running.
  3. To hopefully inspire others to get out there and run. This one seems a bit far-fetched for now as I can barely run myself! But if I can inspire one person to get out there then that will be good enough for me! 🙂

So here goes – let’s do this! 

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