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My name is Shathiso and I am from Gaborone, the quiet and beautiful capital city of Botswana.

Welcome to my running journey. I was probably at my fittest when I was studying psychology in the UK (2001 – 2005) where I had the flexibility to attend aerobics classes 5 days a week. But even then, running was something I didn’t even think of doing.


When I returned home, I got into a fitness “slump” where my only exercise was moving from my office desk to my lovely couch at home! 🙂 When I got married, things got even worse as we used any excuse to travel, go out for dinner or order take away!

When I fell pregnant, I was already very unfit. So although I put on a lot of weight during both pregnancies (2012 and 2014), I cannot really blame my kids for that…



When I turned 36 in October 2016, I really wanted to stop procrastinating, to stop making excuses, and to just get fit. A few days before my birthday I dusted off my old treadmill and hopped on! I could only do 1 minute of jogging before having to walk but immediately signed up for three races between October and November 2016.


Eager to keep running, I started an epic challenge in 2017 – to run 17 races. It seemed utterly ridiculous but it ended up being an incredible journey – by my third race, I was finally able to run 10 km without walking.


By my 6th race, I started feeling like a real runner. I remember being on the course and feeling so happy and when I finished the race in one of my fastest times, I felt I belonged.


By the time the #17in2017 Challenge came to an end, I had done 5k, 10k and 15k races; I had done road and trail runs and walked 30km solo through the desert; I had done dress-up races; I had been mugged on a race; I had been lost a couple of times; I had run with my 5 year old daughter; I had travelled across the country and across the border chasing that magical 17! I was hooked on running and knew my next goal would be a Half Marathon.


On the 13th May 2018, a Half Marathoner was born on the streets of Gaborone. As I came through that Finish, I felt phenomenal. I felt like I had arrived.


As of January 2021, I’ve done 52 races/ running challenges including 8 Half Marathons. I’m currently training for my first ultra-marathon, the 44km Addo Race in March 2021.

Running keeps me sane. Running gives me balance. Running gives me clarity. Running gives me joy. I am not a natural athlete and I will never be at the front of the pack, but I will keep pushing and I will always leave my heart out on the track. This blog covers my training plans, my race recaps and the lessons I am gaining along the way. You will also see guest bloggers sharing their fitness journeys or tips on exercise or food and nutrition. So put on those running shoes and join me on this journey. This story is far from over…

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are such an inspiration and running with you reminds me of what it is I love about running
    !!! your smile after every finished race is just the best!! well done on your journey my friend and here is to many many more races!!!

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    1. Thank you so much Zurika. This comment means so much to me! My biggest regret is not starting running earlier but I still have a lifetime to do it – we will be crossing that PPC Kgale Hill Challenge on our 70th Birthday. I can just see it now. LOL!


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Those 17 races were exactly what I needed to kick-start this lifelong fitness journey. I always tell people I wish I had discovered the joys of running so much earlier, but I guess it was meant to happen at this time and in this way. And I am here now! 🙂


  2. I just started following your blog. Thank you so much for info on running in Gaborone. I’m moving to Gaborone in July and need help with routes, races, what to wear, etc. Please feel free to email me if you have time to answer my questions. I have run 14 marathons and hope to run more, but training is uncertain because I don’t know what it is like there. I live in the US

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    1. Hi Trisha! You are most welcome and I’m so glad you found my blog! I would love to help in any way I can and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. In recent years, Gaborone has really had a fitness and running boom so I think you will easily add to those 14 marathons. I’m hoping to do my first one in May 2020. 🙂 I’ve got your email address so I will send you a message tomorrow and you can fire away with all your questions! Chat soon.


  3. Hey Shathiso 🙂
    What a nice blog and thanks for sharing your story! My name is Svenja and I’m going to be in Gaborone next week (for work). I love running but I wasn’t sure if it made sense to pack running shoes when travelling to Botswana. Can I ask you on advice for routes? Is it weird (esp. for a woman) to go running alone? I made some bad experiences in Europe so I wanted to ask someone who knows first. 🙂 Thank you and regards from Germany!

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    1. Hey Svenja! So lovely to hear from you. I’m so excited that you found my blog all the way in Germany and will be visiting my home city! I would say definitely pack your running shoes and I could advice you on some routes! Depending on the time you are visiting I could also organise that you join us for one of our runs over a weekend. Please just send me an email at: thegaboronerunner@gmail.com and we will take it from there!


  4. i so admire you, shathiso! you are an inspiration. reading this makes me want to go and start running again. used to be an all around athlete in my younger days, but have since grown big and so unfit. i now have so many aches and pains and medical conditions. am hoping this will spur me to go back to work on my fitness. will certainly be coming back for more inspiration from you!!!

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