I Wrote 100 Blogs in 2022!

In 2021, I wrote 49 blogs which at that point was my highest ever total for a year. At the end of that year, I set a goal to write 100 blogs in 2022. It was a big audacious goal if ever there was one… and my year was chaotic with several changes, challenging projects and life events. Several weeks often went by with little to no blogging. But I felt possessed with a deep desire to achieve this goal. I’m not sure what made it so important to me, but it was. In many weeks, I would look proudly at how much I had done, and in others, I would gasp in horror at what was left. Sometimes ideas came to me thick and fast, and other times, I would draw a blank. But the closer I got to achieving this goal, the more I knew, I would not…could not, allow myself to fall short. With 28 blogs left for the craziest month of December, I knew I had to dig deep and get creative. To emphasise what I’ve done to accomplish this goal, I only have to share today as an example: This is my third blog of the day after a 12-hour road trip yesterday. There’s a power cut. There’s no WiFi, so I’m using mobile data. But here it is – my 100th Blog of the year!

Year of Blogging – 2022

What Did I Write About? My posts spanned several categories: goal setting throughout the year, reviewing progress, training updates for my ultra-trail marathon, running tips for new and experienced runners, lessons I’ve gained from running, running in different destinations across four different countries, hiking adventures in Botswana and Tanzania, trail running, race recaps, inspirational stories from guest bloggers, blogging adventures, and holiday season baking.

Who Read My Blog? To list all the countries here would be a blog of its own! But I’m so happy of the wide coverage I received – from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and of course, my beloved Africa. The Top Ten countries reading my blog were: the USA, Botswana, South Africa, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Kenya, Tanzania, The Netherlands.

What Did I Achieve? ONE HUNDRED blogs! My blog views surpassed my previous highest year by 22%! But for me, even more importantly was maintaining the quality standard I set for myself – I never wanted to feel I was writing for the sake of writing – this is what I’m proudest of.

What Was The Most Read Blog? My interview with Gobona Mantle! Gobona is the co-founder of speciality sports store GRIP Runner which she juggles with her cycling school as well as her events and timing business. In this interview, she opened up about her multiple cycling adventures and establishing GRIP Runner but also spoke passionately about her cycling school and her desire to lead and mentor a Girls MTB Team at the highest level. 

What Blog Did I Love Writing? I poured my heart into my ultra-trail marathon recap as well as the follow-up blogs where I shared life lessons I’d gained from the ultra (here and here). Writing about the similarities between running and blogging was also one of my favourites!

What Blog Was The Most Difficult To Write? In the early hours of Valentine’s morning, a 40-year-old woman in Gaborone was raped while running. As an avid outdoor runner, this news hit me hard. I felt a crushing pain for her, for what she must have felt and for the journey she has to take to reach some level of healing. In this post, I shared my anger at why we are not focusing on real solutions for creating a society where a woman can run in the early morning or on a lonely trail without fear of abuse, assault, rape or murder – “Let’s imagine a world where women can safely and rightfully run where we like and alone if that’s what we choose. Let’s change the narrative, let’s change the conversation and focus on real solutions that actually keep women safe.”

Who Contributed To These 100 Blogs? This year I had several guest bloggers from five different countries with incredible stories of challenges and triumphs: Wanja and Ebulani from Kenya, Karianne from Singapore, Khanyisa and Ticha from South Africa, Jay JayGobona and Tshire from Botswana, and Myfanwy from Wales. I’m so thankful to all these guest bloggers for sharing their personal running stories and adventures on my blog.

Runners. Bloggers. Friends. Family. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for reading. Thank you for all your thoughtful comments. To my dearest husband Ditiro and children – Kaia and Thiwa, this would not have been possible without you. WE DID IT! How many left? ZERO!

I’m joining Kooky Runner and Zenaida on their link up, Tuesday Topics. Be sure to read their blogs and catch up with other runners from around the world.

14 thoughts on “I Wrote 100 Blogs in 2022!

  1. Congrats on 100 posts! That is a true labor of love. Personally, I have really enjoyed reading them and learning more about your part of the world! Looking forward to the year ahead.

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