Am I On Track With My 2022 Goals?

At the start of the year, I set five major goals with an additional BONUS goal thrown in for good measure. Most of the goals have a number of mini-goals/targets embedded in them which makes them a lot more challenging than I’d thought when I was setting them with all the vigour and energy that a new year invokes! But let me not be a Debbie Downer yet. I have completed one huge goal and I’m on track with a few mini-goals. My major problem areas seem to be those goals that are geared towards actual lifestyle changes. But let’s take a deeper look, shall we!?

2022 Mid-Year Review

1: Run A Trail Ultra-Marathon: Yes, yes, yes! On the 19th March, I became an ultra-trail marathoner after completing the Addo Elephant Trail Run in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in 9+ hours. It was the toughest challenge I’ve ever done, one that tested my physical and mental strength, whilst allowing me to witness the grit, determination and resilience of so many other runners. As the terrain, landscape and flora transitioned beautifully over the 44km run, I also felt extremely privileged to be immersed in such splendour. Status: Completed.

2: Complete 10 Items On My 40X40 List: I’ve done the Ultra-Trail Marathon and I’ve gotten four mums off the couch! Although I didn’t target specific people as I’d originally intended to, I’ve had several messages from women who’ve thanked me for inspiring them to start running/walking. So I’m going to officially cross this off. Races are back so I may manage the #20in20RaceGoal and I might finally bring my overall Half Marathon tally to 15 (I’m at 7) and maybe, just maybe, I’ll run the Jacaranda Half in Pretoria. Status: 2/10.

3: Do More Strength And Cross-Training:

  • Strength-train twice a week for at least 15 minutes at a time. Status: Waiting for Lift Off.
  • Kgale Hill 1x a week. I did this consistently until Addo in March. Status: Work in Progress.
  • Pilates 2x a week. Status: Waiting for Lift Off.

This goal is about adding an extra layer to my fitness regime which is very running-focused. But when it comes to strength and cross-training, I really lack discipline. I recommit to this goal.

4: Eat, Sleep and Drink Better:

  • Drink 1.5 – 2L of water a day
  • Sleep between 9 – 10 pm
  • Improve my eating habits (less chocolate, healthier snacks, better portion sizes)
  • Schedule monthly health check ups, e.g. breast exam one month, dentist the next, etc.

I do try with all of these but I lack the consistency needed to form these healthy habits. So let me say, Status: Work in Progress.

5: Run 2022km in 2022: I was on track until I wasn’t. My app tells me I’m 370km behind so there’s certainly a lot of ground to make up. Although it looks bad, I’m quite optimistic especially as I’ve become more consistent in recent weeks and I have a lot of Halves on the schedule. If I stick to my current mileage, I’ll get there. Status: 665/2022.

  • Run Every Street Project: Block 3, Broadhurst Industrial and Block 6. Status: 1/3 (Broadhurst Industrial Completed).
  • Run all races in Gaborone: Yes, yes, yes! I’ve run most races in town – six in total with another four planned for July alone. Status: I’m so happy races are back!
  • Run in 15 new villages/ towns. I’m on track. So far I’ve done three in Ghana – Accra, Senchi, Atimpoku, three in South Africa – Bloemfontein, Addo, Port Elizabeth, and two in Botswana – Khudumelapye and Molepolole. Status: 8/15.

BONUS GOAL: Write 100 Blog Posts. This blog brings me to 42 so I’m about 8 posts off where I wanted to be at this time but unless something goes horribly wrong I’m on track. Status: 42/100.

I’m great at setting goals but not at monitoring my progress. So this was such a good exercise. Before looking at my goals, I knew I wasn’t where I needed to be and I thought doing a review like this would dampen my spirits. But on the contrary, it has had the opposite effect – I feel quite optimistic. I now know exactly what I’ve achieved and what’s left – better yet, I know what’s needed to get it done. There’s certainly a lot of work left but it’s not impossible.

Have you reviewed your 2022 goals yet? How’s it going? Are you hopeful for the rest of the year?

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18 thoughts on “Am I On Track With My 2022 Goals?

  1. I think you’ve made a lot of progress! I think it really does help to check in periodically. I’m glad you’re feeling optimistic 🙂

    I actually didn’t set goals at the beginning of this year (a first for me!), but I have been setting monthly goals which have helped to keep me accountable. I may set some goals for the second half of the year.

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    1. When you don’t check in periodically, it becomes so easy to bury your head in the sand especially if you feel/know you’re not doing what you should be!

      I love goals for keeping accountable and doing it monthly like you have done, actually keeps you even more accountable as the timeframe is so much shorter.


  2. You’ve done a lot of progress! Way to go. And remember, if you don’t make your goals, so what? At least you tried. There are many things/factors out of our control. I wanted to finish my 50 states goal in 2020 and, well, look what happened.

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  3. I’m glad this left you feeling optimistic. Yes, you have some work to do, but you’ve also done something this year most people will never do- run a trail ultra. You also are doing well with a number of your other goals. So now you know what you need to work on- but I vote that you keep the chocolate in your diet : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha!!! You’ll see I was very clever with that chocolate goal by saying “less chocolate”, haha! I could never remove it completely! I think that Ultra knocked the wind out of me a bit but feeling really excited to tackling those other goals.


  4. I love that you’re remaining optimistic even with goals that have slipped a bit. Hey, it happens to the best of us! You have accomplished some really big things this year, Shathiso, but you’re also not one to rest on your laurels. Wishing you much luck with your goals.

    Setting the goals is the easy part! Remembering what they heck they were can be hard. 🙂

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    1. Setting goals is truly the easiest part. They always look so good on paper. Then the work begins and as you say actually remembering what you set to begin with, LOL! I think my optimism comes from knowing what I’ve been slacking on.

      One of my life goals is a huge home decluttering exercise. I’ve been slacking BIG TIME. But after a similar mid-year review, yesterday, I spent about 1.5 hours “decommissioning” some of my youngest’s old puzzles and books… can you believe I now have 2 boxes going to charity. Sometimes for me its just sitting down and starting! And it feels so good afterwards!

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