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22 Questions for 2022 | Q&A – Part 2

Last year, I summed up my year with 21 questions, so I’ve decided to do the same for 2022, this time using 22 questions, of course! In Part 1, I answered the first eleven questions which looked at how my year started, my achievements, my struggles, runners who inspired me, and my ‘Medal of the Year’ to name a few things! In Part 2, I share some of the other fitness activities I did this year, my blogging achievements and challenges, and yes…all the stats!

12/ What other fitness activities did you embark on this year? Mostly hiking. When I was training for Addo, I climbed Kgale Hill on a weekly basis and although this reduced considerably after Addo, I still managed a few climbs, including our recent pliking expedition with the family. I also set the family a challenge of summiting three peaks around Gaborone in one day.

13/ How do you feel you failed in 2022? While I feel I did a lot, when I look at the actual goals I set myself, I only achieved about a third… I just read this line from Travelling Cari’s blog“I’m kind of disappointed in that goals I didn’t meet were within my control, but I also know I did a LOT this year and we’re only human.” This resonated with me so much. I did do a lot outside of running and I don’t want to be too hard on myself. But going forward, I want to have fewer goals so it’s a bit easier for me to stay focused especially when I have so much else going on in my life.

14/ In hindsight, what would you have done differently? I wish I had rallied my friends to run with me more. Although I don’t mind solo-running, running with friends adds an extra layer of accountability making it difficult to get out of a run on those tough days.

15/ Did you have any injuries? I’m so lucky **touchwood** not to have had any serious injuries since 2018. [I’m not counting my nail removal last year!] I hope this continues in 2023.

16/ What were some of your blogging achievements? A huge goal I set this year was to write 100 blogs. Before this, my highest ever was 49 so it was a tall order! And it has not been easy at all given everything on my table. But… I’m ecstatic to say this post is Number 93! And in the next few days, I will publish the remaining seven which are mostly written. I fought so hard for this goal! And my blog views have surpassed my previous highest year (2021) by 20%!

17/ What blog post was the most read in 2022? My interview with Gobona Mantle! Gobona is the co-founder of speciality sports store GRIP Runner which she juggles with her cycling school as well as her events and timing business. Gobona is also an avid cyclist. In this interview, she opened up about establishing GRIP Runner but also spoke passionately about her cycling school and her desire to lead and mentor a Girls MTB Team at the highest level. 

18/ What blog post did you love writing the most? I loved writing race recaps again which have always been my favourite – the one I poured my heart into was my ultra-trail marathon recap and the blogs where I shared the life lessons I’d gained from this ultra (here and here).

19/ What blog post was most difficult to write? In the early hours of Valentine’s morning a 40-year-old woman in Gaborone was raped while running. As an avid outdoor runner, this news hit me hard. I felt a crushing pain for her, for what she must have felt and for the journey she has to take to reach some level of healing. In this post, I shared my anger at why we are not focusing on real solutions for creating a society where a woman can run in the early morning or on a lonely trail without fear of abuse, assault, rape or murder – “It’s time to stop putting the onus on women to change their behaviours to stay safe. Let’s imagine a world where women can safely and rightfully run where we like and alone if that’s what we choose. Let’s change the narrative, let’s change the conversation and focus on real solutions that actually keep women safe.”

20/ Who did you collaborate with on the blog? This year I had several guest bloggers from five different countries with incredible stories of challenges and triumphs: Wanja and Ebulani from Kenya, Karianne from Singapore, Khanyisa and Ticha from South Africa, Jay JayGobona and Tshire from Botswana, and Myfanwy from Wales. I’m so thankful to all these guest bloggers for sharing their personal running stories and adventures on my blog.

21/ What was the most important lesson in 2022? It’s okay not to do it all. It’s hard for me to write this as I LOVE getting it all done. But sometimes, it’s just not possible and that’s okay.

22/ What about the stats?!

  • My longest run was 44.3km at the Addo Elephant Trail. My longest ever run.
  • I ran 1, 250km, which was 165 km less than 2021 and 447km less than my highest ever total (1,697 km) which was in 2020.
  • My highest monthly average was159.3 km in January and my lowest was 39.3 km in October.
  • I had an increase of 20% readership over the previous highest year (2021).
  • No new PBs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last two blogs summarising the year I’ve had in running, hiking and blogging! I’m excited about 2023 and can’t wait to share it all with you. Will I get a new PB? How many races will I do? Will I remain consistent? Will I blog even more? Let’s find out!

If you are a blogger, what was your favourite blog to write (if you have a favourite, leave a link in the comments for others to see as well)! In hindsight, what would you have done differently this year?

I’m joining the link-up, Runner’s Roundup with Mile By MileCoach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerRuns with Pugs, and Running on Happy! Hop on over to their blogs and others and be inspired!

12 thoughts on “22 Questions for 2022 | Q&A – Part 2

  1. Love this kind of post. I also appreciate your creativity… You did do a lot even if it were things that you didn’t intend to achieve…

    It is so awesome that you involve others in your blog too…

    Looking forward to reading more in 2023.

    I always feel that my blog is rushed… I run and work and then there’s a little time for friends and family so blogging. It’s there to keep me motivated. I have to run if I want to post about my running. My favorite posts are race recaps. They help a lot when I run the same race the year after. And bad races don’t seem so bad when you write about them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Darlene! I have tried to tap into my creativity even more this year especially writing so many more blog posts than I’m used to!

      I love your race recaps as I always feel I was there – and that section you have at the end looking at pros/ cons really adds another dimension to the recap which is so useful if people are looking to participate in those races. What I’ve found about bad races is they often make the best blogs! They show a certain level of vulnerability which I think helps people to connect even more with the blog!


  2. Nice stats, Shathi!
    Although you ran little less than last year, I’m sure you got some good quality runs with all that Addo-training!
    I like writing about specific events – races, hikes, bike rides, kayaking, etc. It’s much easier when you have a specific story to tell. And when things go wrong, it makes the story even more interesting, ha!
    I’m sure we will read about your goals for 2023. I’m thinking a PB for a 10k or half-marathon?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly, even during Addo Training my runs just felt so poor and “lacking”. It just wasn’t my running year. But I want to stay positive as 2023 is a brand new clean sheet to write on!

      When things go wrong, it takes a blog to another level 🤣🤣

      A big goal will be chasing a sub 2:15 Half Time!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on a great year! I can relate to feeling like you want to do so much but you just can’t do it all. I think it’s just important to recognize all the things you did accomplish. I am very impressed by all the blogging your were able to do! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2023!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so important, Lisa ~ when you spend too much time being disappointed at what you didn’t do, you forget all the things you did accomplish.

      The blogging impressed even me, LOL! I’m now at 97, just 3 more, and I’ve reached the target!


  4. It’s hard to get everything done that we set out to do (not just in the running shoes, but also blogging, work, family stuff, hobbies, etc.)…and it’s even harder when those things don’t get the time or attention they need or deserve. As you said, though, it’s alright. But, look at you…100 blog posts! That’s a huge goal to check off your list!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great, creative post – as always! I love reading your blog and rarely miss a post, even when I’m SO BEHIND (like I am right now). The furthest I ran was 9 miles this year, which I found a bit shocking. I missed my 1000 mile goal for the year but there was the heat wave, the ice and my back injury, so I’m OK with that. I want to get back to strongly running further in one go this year, and should do that as helping my friend Claire train for a half marathon in the spring. Happy running in 2023!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for supporting this blog and always leaving such thoughtful comments! 💕 Your attitude about missing that 1000 mile goal is great – sometimes things happen beyond our control, and we have to accept that things may not work out as we had planned. But we move forward! Can’t wait to see you smash it in 2023!


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