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OMG, So Much Drama This Training Cycle!

Three weeks to the Addo Elephant Trail Run and a whole lot has happened since my last training update a month ago! In that update, I shared that I was putting in the effort without getting any reward for it. Many of my runs felt difficult and lacklustre and I was not enjoying trail running… Continue reading OMG, So Much Drama This Training Cycle!

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Trail Running In Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Established in 1994, the Mokolodi Nature Reserve is a 20 minute drive from Gaborone on the A1 Lobatse Road. The Reserve is 3, 700 hectares and home to a variety of animals and plants that are endemic to south-eastern Botswana. It employs 90 people, 75 of whom are from neighbouring communities. Of great significance is… Continue reading Trail Running In Mokolodi Nature Reserve

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How To Protect Your Skin As A Runner

Our skin is exposed to so many harsh elements when we are out running! In Botswana, the intense sun coupled with dust and dry air can contribute to lacklustre and unhealthy skin. And in other places, factors such as wind, humidity, toxins from pollution, or a combination of these, can do the same. All these… Continue reading How To Protect Your Skin As A Runner

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Trail Running In Tlokweng

Tlokweng is a fast-growing town adjacent to the capital city of Gaborone. It is often described as being “on the other side” of the Notwane River and is just 15 kilometres from our border with South Africa. It’s a bustling town with a mix of identities from modern suburbs to more traditional homesteads, cattle-posts and masimo (crop… Continue reading Trail Running In Tlokweng

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The Plight Of Female Runners

In the early hours of Valentine’s morning a 40 year old woman in Gaborone was raped while running. I’ve struggled to find the words to describe how I felt upon hearing this news. I have always spoken of my love for running outdoors and for my passion of exploring different places. So this news hit… Continue reading The Plight Of Female Runners

Food and Nutrition

I Love This Ghanaian Okra Recipe!

One of my best friends is Ghanaian and when we lived together at university, I was immediately struck by how diverse and flavourful Ghanaian food is! Ghanaian meals are centred around a starchy staple food, often rice, yam or cassava, which is accompanied by a stew or soup typically containing fish or meat. With the… Continue reading I Love This Ghanaian Okra Recipe!

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FIVE Reasons I LOVE Running

Everyone’s running story is different. Mine is certainly not a story of love at first sight! In fact, back in school, I hated the very idea of it and found every excuse not to do it. I only remember this vaguely but my mum once reminded me that I asked her to write a sick… Continue reading FIVE Reasons I LOVE Running

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Walking The Streets Of Accra, Ghana

If you have missed my recent Ghana adventure – please check out my first post on running in Accra in search of Black Star Square, and my second on all my runs in the Eastern Region including an epic run over the famous Adomi Bridge. Our original plan was to leave Senchi on Saturday just… Continue reading Walking The Streets Of Accra, Ghana

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I Run Africa: Eastern Region of Ghana

I ran in Ghana for the first time in September 2021. It was such an incredible experience and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get to do it again so soon. We landed at 10pm on Saturday and as such couldn’t make the trip to the Eastern Region until the next day.… Continue reading I Run Africa: Eastern Region of Ghana