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Year of Running 2020

I’ve already done a recap of the 12 races/ challenges I did this year. But to review the year, I’m going to use a format from previous years – 2018 and 2019Β where I follow a series of prompts to discuss various elements of my running year, beyond just racing. 2020 – Focus, Fight, Finish Best… Continue reading Year of Running 2020

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The Races, The Bling, The Lessons – 2020

My theme for 2020 was FOCUS – FIGHT – FINISH, largely because I had such mammoth goals, including 20 races. We all know what happened next. Shortly after my third race, the world shut down and life as we knew it changed, perhaps forever. I can’t quite describe the feelings I had as my neat… Continue reading The Races, The Bling, The Lessons – 2020

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We Run The World – 2

Ever wonder what it’s like to run in another part of the world? In this blog series, We Run The World, I ask runners to share what they love about running in their cities and towns. So put on those running shoes and let’s start our tour in South Africa where Heloise will take us… Continue reading We Run The World – 2

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We Run The World – 1

There are two aspects of running I love the most. The first is exploring Gaborone and appreciating its unique mix of architecture, somewhat disjointed layout, interesting nooks and hidden artwork. The second is the sense of community I have with runners around the world, bonding over our love for crazy training, fun races, new PBs… Continue reading We Run The World – 1

Inspiration · On The Run

An Incredible 400km Run To 40!

My friend Zurika had plans to run four marathons this year to mark her 40th Birthday, some of which would have likely been overseas. However, when the pandemic hit many of her plans changed. One day, she suddenly announced to our running group that she would run 10km a day for 40 days with the… Continue reading An Incredible 400km Run To 40!

Goals · Review

Let’s Keep On Keeping On

The third quarter of the year is done and dusted! I started on a high, took a bit of a nose-dive somewhere in the middle but ended with lots of smiles and tired muscles. Although I’ve gotten used to our altered state of affairs, I still long for pre-pandemic times. I miss racing, like real… Continue reading Let’s Keep On Keeping On

I Run Gabs City

Exploring Gaborone On The Run – 3

In my blog series, Exploring Gaborone On The Run, I share my favourite running routes with a small dose of history. As Botswana is celebrating Boipuso or Independence Day on the 30th September, I thought it quite fitting to design a running route to celebrate! I’m calling it ‘The Independence Route’ as the run takes… Continue reading Exploring Gaborone On The Run – 3

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Behind The Scenes Of A Runner Blogger

Running and blogging started simultaneously for me almost four years ago and opened up a whole new world. I’ve absolutely loved being a runner blogger but admittedly when I first started out, I didn’t realise how much work was involved in both running and blogging. A few people have asked how I come up with… Continue reading Behind The Scenes Of A Runner Blogger

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9 Lessons From The 9×9 Spring Challenge

After an epic 10K time trial in mid-July, my mood plummeted with several dark days as I relived the loss of my mum a year ago. Throw in a sudden 2-week lockdown in August as well as the usual Covid-19 anxieties, winter wasn’t the best time for me. So it was almost with a sense… Continue reading 9 Lessons From The 9×9 Spring Challenge

40 By 40 · Hiking

Our Adventure In Goo-Moremi Gorge

I’m on a mission to hike in four different places in Botswana as part of my #40By40 Challenge. My first two hikes were in the south-east of the country – the first was a lovely hike in the Mmamotshwane Gorge with its majestic rocky walls and the second, an epic 6-hour hike in the hills… Continue reading Our Adventure In Goo-Moremi Gorge