40 By 40 · Hiking

Hiking With The Kids In Mogonye

How often do we dream of visiting far-off places and overlook what’s on our very doorstep? This was one of the reasons I chose ‘Go Hiking in 4 New Places in Botswana’ as part of my #40By40 Challenge. The few hikes I’ve done in the past have opened my eyes to the natural beauty of… Continue reading Hiking With The Kids In Mogonye

40 By 40 · Race Recap

How I Trained For And Ran A Sub-60 10K

Around 9km, Zurika and Ditiro had pushed ahead so I had a target to chase. Gape remained by my side with the tough job of making sure I kept up. We had just battled a stiff wind and an unexpected incline that had thrown me slightly off target pace. For the first time that morning… Continue reading How I Trained For And Ran A Sub-60 10K

40 By 40

Running Towards 40 (Update 1)

Remember my #40By40 Challenge? When I turned 39 last year, I decided to come up with a list of things I wanted to achieve by my 40th Birthday. The list is specific to fitness and running with a huge dose of travel and adventure, friendship, giving back and personal development. I gave myself two years… Continue reading Running Towards 40 (Update 1)