Exploring Pugu Hills in Tanzania

When a race I’d planned for on Saturday in Pande Game Reserve near Dar es Salaam in Tanzania was postponed, my first thought was to go for a long run, followed by a relaxing day on the beach. But my ever-adventurous spirit, something I inherited from my mother, had me Googling ‘Hiking in Dar es… Continue reading Exploring Pugu Hills in Tanzania

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Interview | Conquering Mt. Meru, Tanzania

In June 2021, I interviewed Ebulani on her momentous journey up Mount Kenya. What took me by surprise was that she made her 4,985m ascent to the famous Lenana Point only a year after becoming a hiker. That post was the highest read of 2021 and the fourth highest in all my years of blogging.… Continue reading Interview | Conquering Mt. Meru, Tanzania