On The Run

How A Running Coach Can Help You

When I first hired a running coach, my parents and husband thought I was crazy. I think their shock was largely because coaches have long been associated with elite athletes and here I was ‘Miss-Dodge-Running-At-All-Costs’ getting a coach! Admittedly, at the start, I felt embarrassed telling people I had a coach. But looking back, having… Continue reading How A Running Coach Can Help You

I Run Gabs City

Exploring Gaborone On The Run – 2

A couple of months ago, I started a new series on the blog, Exploring Gaborone On The Run, to share my favourite running places with a small dose of history. The more I explore, the more I realise not enough of Gaborone’s history is easily accessible online and there are a number of contradicting versions.… Continue reading Exploring Gaborone On The Run – 2

40 By 40 · Hiking

In Search Of Botswana’s Highest Peak

Although Botswana has the potential to be a great hiking destination, there are very few recognised hiking paths or marked trails. That’s not to say there are no hiking places – you just need to have an adventurous streak and to be prepared to blaze your own trail! The Botswana Tourism Organisation highlights that the… Continue reading In Search Of Botswana’s Highest Peak

On The Run

My Most Unforgettable Race Moments

At midnight on the 30th of July, the Greater Gaborone area was placed under lockdown for two weeks as there was a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases. This was a terrible set-back for all of us as we had slowly started getting back some semblance of “normal” albeit with compulsory masks, temperature checks and registrations… Continue reading My Most Unforgettable Race Moments

Guest Blog · Inspiration

Beast Mode State of Mind

Written By Guest Blogger Ticha Pfupajena There’s a quote I heard somewhere that has stuck with me “Opinions are like armpits – everyone has them, and some of them stink”. This is especially relevant now during the current coronavirus pandemic as everyone seems to have an opinion on something – whether it’s wearing masks in… Continue reading Beast Mode State of Mind

40 By 40 · Hiking

Hiking With The Kids In Mogonye

How often do we dream of visiting far-off places and overlook what’s on our very doorstep? This was one of the reasons I chose ‘Go Hiking in 4 New Places in Botswana’ as part of my #40By40 Challenge. The few hikes I’ve done in the past have opened my eyes to the natural beauty of… Continue reading Hiking With The Kids In Mogonye