On The Run

We Run The World – 3

Running shoes on? Garmin charged? Good! Because we’re off on our THIRD run around the world! We start in Norway’s Oil Capital, Stavanger where Peggy treats us to a run along the soul-fulfilling fjords. We then hop over the North Sea to the small village of Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire, UK for a run in the… Continue reading We Run The World – 3


Afrobloggers 2020 – Blogger Of The Year

The 16th of February started like any other Tuesday. When the alarm sounded at 05h30, I lay in bed for a little while, mentally preparing myself for another chaotic school morning – waking the kids, getting them dressed, preparing breakfast, supervising the actual eating and packing lunches, all whilst trying to maintain a level of… Continue reading Afrobloggers 2020 – Blogger Of The Year

On The Run

Feeling Bored? Let’s Spice Up Your Runs!

Are you sticking to your running routine but not enjoying yourself as much as you used to? Do you sometimes get bored with your runs? Are you struggling to motivate yourself out the door? Like most runners, your answer is probably yes to some or all of these questions, if not now, then at some… Continue reading Feeling Bored? Let’s Spice Up Your Runs!

Family and Fitness

Let’s Talk Running Mum Guilt

The first time I started marathon training was in January 2020. I was well into it when I decided to stop because of the pandemic. Something I never shared at the time was a letter we found from my then 7-year old daughter. Actually my dad found it and it said something like “Mummy is… Continue reading Let’s Talk Running Mum Guilt

Race Recap

The 2021 Y-Care Walk Race In Five Quotes

My first event of the year was the Y-Care Walk Race held on the 30th January. In 2019, I chose the 30km distance, in 2020, the 15km route but this year I felt brave enough again for 30km! We arrived at Serene View Gardens in Oodi around 05:45 and found all our friends were already… Continue reading The 2021 Y-Care Walk Race In Five Quotes