My Afrobloggers Awards 2020 Nomination

Let’s press pause on my usual content. I have a HUGE announcement to make! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen it already but for all those who only follow me on this platform, brace yourselves… On 23rd January, I was shortlisted to the Top 10 of the Afrobloggers Awards… Continue reading My Afrobloggers Awards 2020 Nomination

40 By 40 · Hiking

A Walk On The Wild Side

With all the changes that came with the pandemic, I wasn’t too enthusiastic or in the mood to celebrate my 40th Birthday in October 2020. So when my husband suggested a trip to the Okavango Delta – one of the world’s most exotic destinations, I was over the moon. The Okavango Delta is a huge… Continue reading A Walk On The Wild Side

On The Run

Some Awkward Mishaps On The Run

One of my very dear friends had an unfortunate encounter with the pavement last week. She was out running and towards the end of her run, tripped on a rock, and fell flat on the ground – palms first. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt very badly but she did have proper scrapes on both hands that… Continue reading Some Awkward Mishaps On The Run

On The Run

Sluggish On The Run? This Might Help!

Over the last couple of months, my runs haven’t felt great. They’ve been slow, sluggish and greatly lacking in the va-va-voom factor! This has affected my enthusiasm for running and although I keep going, I don’t get excited before a run and often feel frustrated afterwards. I briefly mentioned this in my last post and… Continue reading Sluggish On The Run? This Might Help!


Is It Foolish To Plan For 2021?

I was that girl who loved bright and colourful stationery. The shops would sell brown paper covers for school books but I always chose the brightest paper and folders I could find. Remember those pretty letter and envelope sets? I’d always get several for Christmas and there was nothing I loved more. Even today, I… Continue reading Is It Foolish To Plan For 2021?