My Afrobloggers Awards 2020 Nomination

Let’s press pause on my usual content. I have a HUGE announcement to make! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen it already but for all those who only follow me on this platform, brace yourselves… On 23rd January, I was shortlisted to the Top 10 of the Afrobloggers Awards 2020 under the Wellness Category. We are now in the public voting phase which counts for 30% of the final assessment. Having looked at some of the other nominees’ blogs, I feel honoured to be amongst such a talented group of African bloggers.

But before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what Afrobloggers is and what the Awards are all about.  As explained on their website, Afrobloggers is an organisation led by a group of diverse personalities from various African countries all driven by “a burning desire to see Africa and its creatives succeed and receive deserved recognition.” Their definition of creatives includes people from a broad array of areas including poetry, music, writing and photography. The platform is aimed at helping African bloggers “connect, engage, inspire and learn from each other in an inclusive environment where every story matters” with the ultimate aim being to support African Bloggers to reach their full potential and have access to better opportunities.

The Afrobloggers Awards 2020 seeks to: “honour African Bloggers who have been outstanding in the year 2020. The objective of the Awards is to recognize and celebrate the often unappreciated efforts of African bloggers who are at the forefront of curating and archiving the informative, educative and inspiring everyday grassroots stories and emotions of our generation.” All blogs will be marked on four key areas – content (40%), promotion (30%), consistency (20%) and innovation (10%), each of which have been specifically defined.

I’ve been nominated in the Wellness Category but there are 13 other categories: Tech and Science, Education and Activism, Video Blogs, Podcast, Entertainment, Social Commentary, Personal Blog, Lifestyle, Tourism and Culture, Food and Drink, Finance and Business, Fresh Voice, and Creative Writing. There will also be an additional award for Blogger of the Year.

I’m so grateful that a platform such as Afrobloggers exists and that I’ve been considered for these Awards in a category that I’m passionate about. I’m also filled with a sense of pride to see how many other African Bloggers are out there in various categories. But above all, I’m thankful to everyone who takes the time to read, comment and share my work. Your support and encouragement is what keeps me going when it seems easier to give it all up.

I’ve been a blogger for four years with my content largely focused on my running journey, the experiences I’ve had as well as lessons I’ve gained along the way. I started with the aim to keep myself accountable but quickly realised that I could possibly inspire someone out there to get off the couch. I’m not an expert in the field but always endeavour to create content that is authentic, based on my personal story and supported by sound research. I’m also obsessed with quality so work tirelessly to ensure that every blog has been proof-read several times, sometimes to the chagrin of my husband and children! I try to keep abreast of what’s going on around me, not just locally but also in the global arena so that my work remains relevant and adapts to changing circumstances. I appreciate the power of social media and use it to promote my blog but also to connect with people from around the world. I’m proud to have hosted a number of contributors, many from Africa, who have added their unique voices to this platform.

If you follow my blog, if you love my content, please vote for me and spread the word!!


Wellness Category – ‘The Gaborone Runner’

12 thoughts on “My Afrobloggers Awards 2020 Nomination

  1. Well done! I’ve gone and voted and I’m also going to save the link to have a look at some of the other blogs on there. I so appreciate reading about your life and experiences (I have seen nothing much reported about Africa during covid so have appreciated your explanations of your lockdown etc) and connecting with everyone around the world!

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