On The Run

5-Day Self-Care Challenge For Runners

Running is a way I manage stress and anxiety and it also keeps me productive, confident and living a more balanced and healthy life. But as runners, we often neglect to incorporate some basic self-care activities to rejuvenate our physical and mental wellbeing. A few weeks ago, I set myself a 5-Day Self-Care Challenge. I… Continue reading 5-Day Self-Care Challenge For Runners

Race Recap

Orange Phikwe Half Marathon 2022 | Race Recap

On the 23rd July 2022, I participated in a Half Marathon in Selebi-Phikwe, an old mining town in the Central District of Botswana. Originally named the Bosele Marathon, the Orange Phikwe Marathon is the oldest in Botswana, started in 1985 by the late Boet Kahts and Phill Roberts who was a teacher at Selebi Phikwe… Continue reading Orange Phikwe Half Marathon 2022 | Race Recap

On The Run

How To Connect With Other Runners

Over the years, I’ve connected with so many runners, both in person and virtually. Who else, than a fellow runner, understands your need to talk about the time you ran a marathon or an injury you’re struggling with? Who else gets that you need an early night before that intimidating long run? And who else… Continue reading How To Connect With Other Runners

Race Recap

SPAR Women’s Challenge 10K | Race Recap

On the 9th July 2022, I participated in the SPAR Women’s Challenge 10K Race which is organised by the Lady Khama Charitable Trust and supported by the Gaborone Runners Club, Botswana Athletics Association and Botswana National Sports Commission. I had the most amazing time and to think I almost missed it…! When the date was… Continue reading SPAR Women’s Challenge 10K | Race Recap


Am I On Track With My 2022 Goals?

At the start of the year, I set five major goals with an additional BONUS goal thrown in for good measure. Most of the goals have a number of mini-goals/targets embedded in them which makes them a lot more challenging than I’d thought when I was setting them with all the vigour and energy that… Continue reading Am I On Track With My 2022 Goals?

On The Run

I Finally Ran In Molepolole!

Given its proximity to Gaborone as well as its significant historical, cultural and religious relevance to Botswana, I’ve long wanted to run in Molepolole, an urban village about 50km from the city and the official gateway to the Kgalagadi Desert. Named after the Molepolole River, Molepolole is the capital of the¬†Bakwena tribe who were forced… Continue reading I Finally Ran In Molepolole!