Exploring Pugu Hills in Tanzania

When a race I’d planned for on Saturday in Pande Game Reserve near Dar es Salaam in Tanzania was postponed, my first thought was to go for a long run, followed by a relaxing day on the beach. But my ever-adventurous spirit, something I inherited from my mother, had me Googling ‘Hiking in Dar es… Continue reading Exploring Pugu Hills in Tanzania

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Three Peaks Challenge | Gaborone Edition

On Sunday, I challenged myself and the family to a fun and exciting adventure – a Three Peaks Challenge (Gaborone Edition). The three peaks in question were Kgale Hill, Tlokweng Hill and Oodi Hill. Technically speaking, all three peaks are not in Gaborone, but they do surround the city. Kgale sits on Gaborone’s border with… Continue reading Three Peaks Challenge | Gaborone Edition


Kgale Hill: Let’s Clean Up Our Act!

Located on the southern outskirts of Gaborone on the A1 to Lobatse, Kgale Hill, loosely translated as “The Place That Dried Up” is a national treasure. A visit to Gaborone isn’t complete without a hike up Kgale Hill which has a summit elevation of 1,287 metres (4,222 ft) above sea level. For those who are… Continue reading Kgale Hill: Let’s Clean Up Our Act!


Ebulani’s Epic Journey Up Mount Kenya

Ebulani from Nairobi, Kenya has only been hiking since July 2020 but has already been to such amazing places – Elephant Hill, Rurimeria, Mt Kipipiri, Gatango Forest, Sleeping Warrior and Ugali Hills, to name a few. I met her on Instagram and was quickly drawn to her adventurous spirit, incredible hiking trails, amazing photography and… Continue reading Ebulani’s Epic Journey Up Mount Kenya


Training for Soweto, October Review (Final)

On the 4th of November 2018, I ran the Soweto Half Marathon in South Africa. It was as tough, challenging and as hilly as expected. Just finishing it felt incredible and it really was worth all the time and effort put into training. This is a little bit late, but here is a brief recap… Continue reading Training for Soweto, October Review (Final)