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Five Incredible Mountain Summits

As I get older, I realise how fortunate I’ve been to have had such positive influences in my life. In all spheres, be it academia, career, motherhood or fitness, I’ve always had role models. A key influence in the area of fitness has been my Aunt Mette. She has always been extremely fit participating in… Continue reading Five Incredible Mountain Summits

Race Recap

Run The Berg Trail Adventure, Race Recap 2019

On the 28th and 29th September 2019, I (together with friends and family from Botswana) took part in Runtheberg – a 2-stage trail race in the magnificent Northern Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. Luzibo and I chose the Challenge Race which was 17 km of climbing and running on the first day, followed by 14… Continue reading Run The Berg Trail Adventure, Race Recap 2019