Journey to My First Half Marathon, Week 16

After running 17 races last year as a complete beginner, I am now training for my first Half Marathon on the 13th May 2018.

My mum asked me on Sunday, Do you remember when we had to get a sick note from the doctor because you were  terrified to participate in a cross-country running event?” I could not  remember the event she was referring to! How traumatic it must have been for me that I have had to bury this memory in the recesses of my mind! Well, she said this to me when I announced that I had just done a 19 km Training Run – my longest ever! Here is my weekly wrap but this Long Run on its own warrants an A+ Grade for the week!

Monday, 16th April: Rest Day 

Tuesday, 17th April: Treadmill, 38:19 min, 5.51 km. It was raining outside so it was really humid. My treadmill is right next to the window, but even with windows open and a fan in front of me, it was tough. I am always really lazy to get back into things after a race but with just a few weeks to go until my first Half Marathon I forced those running shoes on! It turned out to be a nice shakeout run from Sunday’s race. I had a nice stretch afterwards with the kids but when they told me to kiss my toes, I couldn’t quite get there!

Wednesday, 18th AprilHills Run, 37:46 min, 4.96 km. What a brilliant workout. Last time I did Mokolodi Hills (just a few weeks ago) my pace was 08:46 min/km. Today, it was 07:36! I powered up those inclines and made good use of the downs, recovering much faster than usual. It was such great fun – beautiful fresh air and just look at that night sky!

Thursday, 19th AprilRest Day 

Friday, 20th AprilEasy Run, 27:27 min, 3.51 km. This was not a planned run. But I couldn’t get to pilates on time so I drove the kids to my parents’ place and did a run in their neighbourhood while they watched the kids. I ran until it got too dark outside.

Saturday, 21st AprilRest Day. Yay!

Sunday, 22nd AprilLong Run, 2:25:03, 19 km. Oh my word… I cannot believe I did it. I was so nervous of this run but pulling out of it was never an option. I was just scared that if I crashed and burned with only three weeks to go it would be a huge dent on my confidence. But another part of me kept saying, “You’ve done 16 km… this is just 3 km more.” We met at 05:30 am and there were six of us in total, all at different levels.

I can honestly say I felt comfortable throughout the run. I pushed hard and my overall pace was faster than when I did my 16 km run! In fact, my pace was more like a 10 km pace. I struggle to get faster in a 10 km race but it would seem I can hold the same pace for almost twice the distance! I felt in my element and I don’t want to jinx it but I just felt that this is my distance. Slow and steady and long. What a confidence booster three weeks before the big day. The second half of the run was faster than the first half. For the remaining 10 km, my pace was less than 07:25 min/ km with my fastest km being the last one at 07:15 min/ km. I caught up with Chandi towards the end and we have never run together but our stride and pace were so similar! We didn’t say much to each other but just having her there kept me putting one foot in front of the other and she said the same of me! I was surprised that I didn’t need anything other than my water for the run BUT I did struggle for the remainder of the day. But who cares?! 19 km done!

Mileage this week: 32.47 km (highest this training cycle)

Mileage this training cycle: 248.97 km

Gym Classes this week: 0

Grade: A+ 

To keep myself accountable I am linking up the lovely Courtney from Eat Pray Run plus the inspirational duo – Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home

38 thoughts on “Journey to My First Half Marathon, Week 16

  1. Congrats on nailing the 19km run – you’re looking strong for your upcoming half marathon! I enjoyed the story about the running event when you were a kid. It’s funny how our approach to activities can change so much!

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    1. Thank you. Whatever happens, after this 19 km run, I now know that I will finish my first Half Marathon! I wish I had started running younger or enjoyed it as a kid, but I guess everything happens for a reason! And my daughter loves that I run. She’s already done her first 5k race so she definitely won’t be asking for any sick notes!

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  2. That quote from your mom made me lol. It’s funny how we hate something as a kid, but now actually pay money to RUN, haha.

    Great week of training and awesome job on your 19km run and highest weekly mileage in training! I think that you are more than ready for your first half marathon and you’re gonna nail it.

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  3. Brilliant long run! That’s a solid indicator of your upcoming half. I predict great things! You’ve gotten so strong and fast! OMG your kiddos are too cute. Kiss my toes? Haha I can’t even come close!

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  4. Congrats on the strong run! Such a confidence boost before the big day–sounds like you are definitely ready! Also, very cool that you are feeling like you have found your distance, that is always an exciting feeling. Happy for you!

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      1. Gives you time to get into your groove–I totally get it! After running a full marathon I was sure the half was my distance. It still might be, but for now I am back to 5 and 10ks! Who knows, it’s a journey, right?

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  5. Great job! I didn’t get out of the fitness tests in gym class, and I hated them. Looking back on it, I don’t see how it’s an accurate test for how healthy someone is. Now I love running, which a younger me wouldn’t fathom.

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  6. I was excused from physical education classes for my entire childhood due to growing pains! Of course, that was way back in the dark ages and I don’t think they knew what to do. LOL. I’m glad I eventually stumbled across the sport of running. You are doing great! Your marked improvements in your longer distance runs should be a huge confidence booster! Thanks for linking.

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  7. Congrats on your 19K, it’s always so exciting when you realize that your hard work is starting to show and your times are improving!

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    1. Thanks! Sadly, we are heading into winter so it’s getting colder and colder. But the good thing with Botswana weather is that although we have cold mornings and evenings during winter we are almost guaranteed beautiful sunny days even in the middle of winter.


  8. I love the feeling of nailing a crucial long run. Congratulations on conquering it after last week’s trail run!

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