Lady K Urban Obstacle Course Training, Weeks 2 – 5

After running my first Half Marathon, I am ready for my next challenge – the Lady K Urban Obstacle Course on the 28th July 2018.

Wow. What a crazy four weeks! The first 2 weeks were fantastic and then it went downhill from there when I got sick – nothing serious, but I had a cold that knocked me out a little bit. I am definitely feeling myself again and I am looking forward to the next few weeks of training. Here is a quick summary with some highlights of the last 4 weeks:


In Weeks 2 and 3, I ran three days a week. On Mondays, I scheduled 5 km tempo runs, and ended up with a PB of 36:45 on the first Monday and  another PB (36:30) the following Monday. What a high I had! I was shocked at how fast I could go when I really pushed myself. On Wednesdays, I did 30 min Treadmill Runs with an incline, usually between 1% and 4% – I managed 4.38 km on the first Wednesday and then 4.44 km the following one. Saturdays were reserved for my Long Runs. On the first Saturday, I did a 12 km run in 1:32:04. This was a beautiful out and back on the Western Bypass. The second Long Run was a fantastic 15 km Race, the PPC Kgale Hill Challenge. The first 10 km was on flat terrain and then 4 km involved climbing Kgale Hill, a 258 m ascent. Once back down it was about 1 km to the Finish. I did it in 2:03:46 and was extremely happy with my efforts.

I had such fun earlier today supporting my friends at the Time Team Challenge – Leruo did the first leg (10 km); Ditiro did the second and third cycling legs (30 km); and Tapiwa did the last leg (5 km), all on magnificent trails in the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. I did the event last year as the 5 km runner and it was brilliant. But it was great to be a spectator this year and chill on the sidelines for once! Well done to Time for another great event.

Strength Training

I continued with my home exercises – a combination of squats, skipping and push-ups. In Week 2, I did 40 squats, 2 min skipping and 7 push ups, every other day. In Week 3, I maintained the number of squats and skipping but increased to 9 push ups and tried 1 pull up. Yes, just ONE very unsuccessful pull-up! LOL!

I didn’t make any gym classes but I did go to the gym one evening. How intimidating! It was rush hour so it was quite crowded and to be honest I didn’t enjoy the experience. I much prefer classes where someone is shouting at the front and telling me what to do. I like the team spirit atmosphere and the mutual groans of pain. In the gym, I just felt like a fish out of water. Be that as it may, I managed 20 min cycling, 5 min rowing, and 20 min machine work (focusing on arms and legs).


Sadly, there has been no running or gym work in the last two weeks (4 and 5). I came down with a cold the day before my race and after the high of the race, I was hit quite hard. But I must admit, it felt quite nice to be sick without the pressure of having a major goal race on the horizon! I have had quite a relaxing time.


When I started blogging in 2017, my main focus was on posting my training plans and race recaps. I didn’t feel I had any real tips or advice to share. After all, I was still very much a beginner. I still am but I feel I am coming into my own as a runner; I am reflecting and analysing things a bit more; and I am looking forward to sharing those thoughts and lessons as I continue to grow. I also have friends and family who have such interesting stories, inspirational journeys, great fitness and nutrition ideas that are worth sharing and my blog could be that platform.

So although I have not recapped my training in the last four weeks, I am quite happy with my blogging efforts. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Social Media

Social media terrifies me. I’ve seen how unnecessarily cruel people can be to others. But somehow blogging and linking up feels like a safe space with a lot of positive energy. However, I also know the power of social media and that I can reach a much bigger audience. So I’ve decided to ease into it and have set up my Facebook Page! Please like my page so it’s not just my mum following, LOL!

Mileage the last 4 weeks: 33.82 km

Mileage this training cycle: 57.47 km

Mileage for Year 2018: 378.57 km

Gym Time: 1 Day

Grade: C- (A great first 2 weeks including a race; but a dismal last 2 weeks. I am also just not doing enough strength work, gym classes or pilates – sick or not. I need to up my game) 

To keep myself accountable I am linking up with my favourite ladies, Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home

32 thoughts on “Lady K Urban Obstacle Course Training, Weeks 2 – 5

  1. I hope you’re feeling better and back at running again this week! I had a weird virus this week-not really a cold but a sinus sore throat thing that knocked me for a loop! Hopefully, this week will be better for both of us.

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  2. I think I did get a cold after my first half. Normally I go go go and when I get a break, my body is tired and I get a head cold. Glad you’re feeling better1

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  3. I hope that you’re feeling better! It’s so awesome that you’re training for an obstacle course! I did a Spartan race a few years ago and it was really fun. I really loved the teamwork aspect of it.

    Regarding social media, I understand why you were so hesitant, but it’s honestly a really great community, especially for runners! I’ve been on Twitter and Instagram for years and I think I’ve only received one negative comment (I’ve been pretty lucky). You really meet a lot of positive people on social media so I hope that you will branch out to other platforms too 🙂

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    1. I am so excited about the obstacle course – terrified because I have ZERO upper body strength but as you say I love the team aspect of it and I think we will be in for quite a good time!

      Thanks for the heads up on social media – it’s amazing how people have such confidence to say negative things when they are behind a screen. Glad you have only had one negative comment (jerk). And as you say those nasty folk are in the minority! Glad I have taken this step and will move onto the other platforms soon!


  4. I started getting sick last week and still haven’t quite recovered. I hope you are feeling well. Great job on that 5k tempo run PB! I don’t FB but I do Instagram. There is cruelty on all social media but I think there’s more good. We just need to all keep supporting each other. Thanks for linking!

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  5. That team challenge sounds fun! I’ve been more into relay races lately because I love sharing the distance with others!

    I know what you mean about social media but it’s a great way to connect with people. I don’t do much with facebook but I love Instagram. I am @fairytalesnfit on Instagram. We should connect!

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  6. What a fun filled post! So many awesome and active things going on!

    But what a bummer you were out with a cold. Hoping you’re feeling better.

    I have never done an obstacle course- I don’t think I have the upper body strength to do it- it would be a tough challenge!

    Social media definitely has its pros and cons, but MOST of the time I think the pros outweigh the cons. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I am with you lady – I have no upper body strength! I think my team mates are going to have to hoist me up most of the obstacles, LOL! But just looking to have fun before I start training for the next big goal. So hopefully I come out mostly unscathed!

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  7. I hope you’re feeling better. It’s a bummer taking ill, but at least it happened at a good time…in between training cycles. I’ll look for your Facebook page. I also have such a page…called Running on the Fly (big surprise, right? LOL) 😉

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  8. Something must be in the air …literally! I came down with a sore throat on Wednesday and it is still annoying me. What gives? Hope you’re feeling better and back on track with your training. I love that you’re using your blog to tell others stories and sharing the advice, ideas and tips from friends. I feel like my blog may be evolving soon as well …after all, aren’t they really meant as an avenue to express ourselves? Keep up the great work!

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    1. I am feeling tonnes better! Hope your sore throat has also cleared now. I should have been back at training yesterday but it was dark and cold and I found lots of excuses! But I promise I will be back at it tomorrow. Taking a couple of weeks off even when sick, always throws a spanner in the works!

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  9. Great work! And it’s lovely to see pics of different people in different places and all the races and workouts, etc. (I’ve been working on getting more photos onto my running posts myself after so enjoying everyone else’s!). At least the cold came then – I got one in my taper for my last marathon … and was too ill to run! I did a DIY marathon the weekend after but it wasn’t quite the same! Hope you’re fully recovered now and raring to go.

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    1. That’s actually how I got into blogging – loved reading about people’s workouts and all the photos actually help to build a connection too!

      This was the best cold I ever had – simply because I was so relaxed about it! Can’t even imagine what you must have felt having to miss your marathon after all that training. Aarrggh!

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      1. It was a bit tough missing the race but it being my third marathon helped a lot – and I still ran the distance a week later, to use up the training, so that felt pretty good. It was annoying though, especially as I’d postponed it from the previous year as I’d had an operation that clashed with it!

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