Gabs 1/2 Marathon Training, Race Week

After 10 weeks of training, I finally ran the Gabs 1/2 Marathon on the 10th March 2019. This was my third Half but the first of the five Half Marathons I have planned this year. I have done this event twice before, in 2017 and in 2018, but both times I did 10 km.

Week 10: It’s Time to Party!

Monday, 4th March: Easy Run, 5.2 km, 37:29 | Pilates Class, 1 hr. I had the day off work so it was lovely to run in the morning. I set off at 06:32 – the air was fresh and although short-lived, the cloudy sky made for a pleasantly cool start to the day. As it was race week, I was very happy to keep things nice and easy.

Later on that day, I joined the 16:30 pilates class and we used the roller and the pilates ring for an intense workout. Two workouts in one day was definitely a win!

Tuesday, 5th March: Rest Day. 

Wednesday, 6th March: Easy Run, 5.01 km, 36:58We went to the Agricultural Grounds with the kids and it was baking hot, even at 6 pm. I was really pleased that I had scheduled an Easy 5 km. But “easy” it was not. I was on the “struggle bus” from beginning to end and the heat had a lot to do with it. I never quite found my flow, but the kms got done.

Thursday, 7th February: Pilates Class, 1 hr. Another great pilates class using the pilates ring. There were many beginners in class and the coach focused a lot on basic movements. For those of us with a bit more experience, it was great to be reminded of some of those movements. Although it doesn’t always feel like I’m improving (particularly when I’m struggling with a teaser) it was a good to see how far I’ve actually come with my core strength, flexibility and balance. A brilliant, “feel good” class.

Friday, 8th March: Easy Run, 5.06 km, 38:02This run was the confidence booster I needed before Race Day. It was cloudy by the time I set off and I deliberately kept my pace super easy even when my body wanted to go a bit faster. My legs felt good and strong.

Saturday, 9th March: Rest Day. We collected our race packs and decided to pull my daughter Kaia out of the 5 km race. She had missed two days of school because of a bad cough and although she was feeling a lot better, we felt an hour of running would not be a good idea for her. I spent most of the day just feeling incredibly nervous – a lot more than usual and I had to keep reminding myself that I would finish the distance and I needed to stop obsessing about a potential PB, but rather on how much fun I would have.

Sunday, 10th MarchGabs Half Marathon, 2:37:42. Finally, the day was here! Considering how stressed I was on Saturday, I was very calm before the race. I don’t want to give too much away but I ran a solid race for about 15/16 km and then it was mind over matter to get to the end. My husband took this photo as I was heading towards the Finish Line. Can you just see the look of relief on my face?!

Summary: A very solid week to end this 10-week training cycle. A brand new Half Marathon PB. A shiny new medal for my stash.

[Weekly Mileage: 36.96 km |Gabs 1/2 Training Cycle: 268.68 km | 2019 Mileage: 268.68 km | Gym Classes: 2]

I’m excited to join two fabulous ladies, Kim from Running on the Fly and Deborah from Confessions from a Mother Runner for their new link up the “Weekly Run Down”.

30 thoughts on “Gabs 1/2 Marathon Training, Race Week

  1. Congratulations on your new PB in the half marathon! It looks like you had the perfect taper with some nice and easy runs. Running in the heat is such a challenge for me, you did a great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And technically we are in Autumn now, but we’ve had extremely and consistent high temperatures since November. Several health warnings etc from Government. So it’s not been the easiest time to train but so glad it’s done and Half Number 3 is in the bag!


  2. Congratulations! Your training really paid off. I do not do well with running in the heat. The only race I do in the summer is the Lawyer’s Have Heart 10K, and now I prefer the 5K. I’m still impressed by that race photo your husband took!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been such a tough summer too with excessively high temperatures. I am so looking forward to winter and if I dare complain about the cold, please remind me of this summer!! I keep telling my husband that he needs to take up race photography as his “side hustle”! LOL.


  3. HEY!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RACE!!!!! That near-the-finish photo is basically the best photo ever!!! What a great week leading up to the race, even though you had #allthenerves on Saturday! Super happy for you and your new PR as well.

    I just started Pilates (well, several weeks ago now) – I hope at some point it starts to feel like I’m doing something!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Renee! I love that photo – it may just make it to my best photo of 2019 when I recap the year! LOL!

      Pilates is funny like that – it takes a long time to feel like you are doing something, and I find that it’s really when you stop or take a break from it, that you realise how worthwhile it was!


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