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Yes, I Ran Every Street In Peolwane Too!

A few weeks ago I shared what it was like to run #RunEveryStreet in one of Gaborone’s neighbourhoods – Marapoathutlwa. I enjoyed the experience so much that I quickly moved onto another neighbourhood, Peolwane, formerly known as Ditimamodimo, and commonly referred to as Block 7. Peolwane is a swallow in Setswana and in Botswana this… Continue reading Yes, I Ran Every Street In Peolwane Too!

Guest Blog

Running The Tree Lined Streets Of Asmara

My friend Gape has always loved being active and in primary school participated in all kinds of sports, but especially enjoyed running which he has carried through to this day. He was a year behind me at High School and although we never interacted, I knew him as one of the crazy guys always running… Continue reading Running The Tree Lined Streets Of Asmara

On The Run

Why My Toenails Were Removed

DISCLAIMER: NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS When I announced on social media that my toenails had been removed, many assumed it was “Runner’s Toe”, and in fairness, it was an easy assumption to make! Runner’s toe affects many runners as well as rock-climbers, footballers, squash and tennis players. It usually occurs when your toe repeatedly rubs… Continue reading Why My Toenails Were Removed

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I Ran Every Street In Marapoathutlwa

Earlier this year, I was inspired by Run Myf Run‘s mission to #RunEveryStreet in her district. I had started to feel quite uninspired with my running and needed a fun challenge. I signed up to City Strides which imports data from various apps and maps out all the streets you have run. However, I quickly… Continue reading I Ran Every Street In Marapoathutlwa

On The Run

Running: The Ultimate Metaphor For Life

I haven’t had the best luck with marathons! The three I’ve trained for have been postponed or cancelled a few weeks from Race Day. When my last one was cancelled, I made the hasty decision to run the distance as planned. But a few days later, I changed my mind – it’s simple, I still… Continue reading Running: The Ultimate Metaphor For Life

On The Run

Chasing Jacarandas In Gaborone

Exhausted from my recent travels to Ghana and Kasane, I was looking forward to a rare lie-in this weekend. But Ditiro was quick to say, “We can’t miss the jacarandas. They are out in full bloom now!” Ah yes, my favourite time of year to run in the city… The Jacaranda mimosifolia is a sub-tropical tree… Continue reading Chasing Jacarandas In Gaborone

On The Run

Run Kasane: Land of Baobabs And Elephants

Following my incredible trip to Ghana, I spent a day in Gaborone, just enough time to unpack and re-pack my suitcase for the 12-hour drive to Kasane in the Chobe District of northern Botswana. Remember my marathon in Kazungula/ Kasane that was cancelled? Well… as we had already paid for accommodation and promised my dad… Continue reading Run Kasane: Land of Baobabs And Elephants