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What’s It Like Running Without Toenails?

My post on why and how my toenails were removed reached a wide audience, becoming the 7th most-read post of 2021, shortly after it was published! So it’s only fair that I give you an update. Around Day 10 post-surgery, I stopped wearing bandages and the healing process continued without any problems. Four weeks post-surgery,… Continue reading What’s It Like Running Without Toenails?

On The Run

30+ Gift Ideas For The Runner In Your Life

Disclaimer: This post contains one affiliate link As we draw closer to Christmas, you may have started thinking about what you would like to gift the runner in your life. When I started running, I was told it was a very cheap sport – well, five years on and I beg to differ! Early on,… Continue reading 30+ Gift Ideas For The Runner In Your Life

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Spotlight: TishPul Founder Matshidiso Pule

I’ve long complained about the limited stores selling running shoes in Botswana and the incredible lengths runners have to go through to get shoes – often begging friends and family to bring them in when they visit from outside! But I’m so excited that things are quickly changing with Batswana entrepreneurs stepping in to address… Continue reading Spotlight: TishPul Founder Matshidiso Pule

On The Run

Is It Too Hot To Run?!

Why does summer never seem to ease in slowly, at least in Botswana?! We get two minutes of beautiful Spring with the Jacarandas in their full glory and then we suddenly jump to scorching, sticky, sweaty summer! This past weekend we had highs of 36˚C and it’s only going to get worse as we approach… Continue reading Is It Too Hot To Run?!