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30+ Gift Ideas For The Runner In Your Life

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As we draw closer to Christmas, you may have started thinking about what you would like to gift the runner in your life. When I started running, I was told it was a very cheap sport – well, five years on and I beg to differ! Early on, I strategically included running-related items on all my birthday and Christmas wish lists, and over the years, I’ve received everything from running clothes, shoes and visors to stretch bands and weights to recipe books and massage vouchers, the list goes on! For the first time on the blog, I’ve put together a guide for anyone looking for Christmas gifts for their runner friends. I’ve included a little bit of everything, suitable for most budgets and personalities, all guaranteed to put a huge smile on any runner’s face!

For The Fashionable Runner

Getting dressed up for a run often gives that extra motivation to get out on those tough days. The tougher the day, the brighter I go. Also, when you’re running several days a week, it really helps to have a few extra items on hand. So you definitely won’t go wrong with some fun LEGGINGS/SHORTS or TOPS. [If you’re shopping on Pineapple Clothing use this affiliate link for a 20% discount with my Coupon Code: SHACOY]. Accessories like COMPRESSION SOCKS/ SLEEVES, CAPS/VISORS, SUNGLASSES, SHOE LACES and BUFFS are extremely useful but also a great way for runners to add that extra bit of colour and style to their runs. If your friend runs with a dog, bright coloured COLLARS and LEADS are fantastic ideas too!

For The Practical Runner

There are some things that runners always need – good quality and comfortable RUNNING SOCKS, SPORTS BRAS and RUNNING FUEL. The cost of these items really adds up and that’s why they will always be welcome gifts! You may laugh at the last item – but I don’t think there is any endurance runner who would turn their nose up at a couple of packets of gel or even some Slow Mag! Just check if they have any specific fuel preferences or intolerances.

For The Musical Runner

This was one of my best gifts! BLUETOOTH EARPHONES sync with a runner’s device so they don’t have to negotiate a long cord which can get really tricky when running.

For The Night Owl Runner

Many runners run in the early hours of the morning or at night-time, so a HEADTORCH is a super idea as well as REFLECTIVE ACCESSORIES that will help to keep them safe on the run.

For The Holistic Runner

Alongside running, runners also have to make sure they are stretching and recovering well. This is where equipment like FOAM ROLLERS, STRETCH BANDS, MASSAGE BALLS and a YOGA MAT come in very handy. Strength work is also very important for runners so DUMBBELLS, MEDICINE BALLS, KETTLE BELLS are also great gifts. Again, with all these items, go BRIGHT! If they have to swing that kettle bell, it needs to look somewhat attractive, right?!

For That Extra-Special Runner

There are some big-ticket items that can be pricey so they are best reserved for that extra-special runner in your life! Beautiful and functional SHOES, a GARMIN watch which adds a new dimension to running and performance, a CHEST HEART RATE MONITOR (especially for those ultra-marathoners) and a HYDRATION PACK are all incredible gifts.

For The Runner Who Has Everything

And then for the runner who seems to have everything, you need to be a little bit creative. A nutrition-focused RECIPE BOOK like Run Fast, Eat Slow or a RUNNER’s AUTOBIOGRAPHY are super gifts. Isaac Makwala’s book The Solo Runner is soon to be released and has already made it’s way onto my Christmas Wish List! A MASSAGE VOUCHER is also a lovely way to brighten up a runner’s day and gifting someone with a RACE ENTRY is another great idea. If you’re quite crafty, a hand-made MEDAL RACK with an inspirational slogan is a big win. Last but not least, PERSONALISED ITEMS like tops, buffs or visors are truly special and heartfelt gifts.

There you have it – my Christmas Gift Guide to help you choose the perfect gift for that special runner in your life! If you’re a runner, what gift would you love this Christmas? What is the most unique gift you have received? What would you add to this list? Happy Shopping!

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30 thoughts on “30+ Gift Ideas For The Runner In Your Life

  1. Your kids are the perfect little models! Love it!
    I absolutely love the idea of the personalized items. Your visors and buffs with #thegabaronerunner are so creative and a great way to get a bit of publicity for the blog! 🙂
    There’s a blogger in Germany who has his website printed on the back of his shirt – also a very cool idea.
    Now you’ve got me thinking… Thanks for the inspiration, Shathiso!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The kids were lovely for this photo shoot! So enthusiastic and helpful, even throwing in ideas! The visors and buffs were a birthday gift from my friend Zurika for my 40th! She made the buffs for my the whole family (including my dad and sister) and many of my running friends, and then gave me 5 visors in different colours! Having the website on my running shirts is a brilliant idea – especially for races! I think I’ll have to snap that idea up!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What great ideas! I like getting vouchers for running shops or websites so I can buy something boring like socks or gels but the giver doesn’t have to know! I love the personalised buffs and visors though I might have enough buffs!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hope your hubby reads your list. We don’t exchange gifts anymore since the kids are grown and we buy what we need or want.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice collection of gift ideas, Shathiso! And your kiddos…sigh ❤ I really like the personalized buff! That's very unique! I had a few buffs that I used randomly prior to Covid, but mainly as a headband or neck gaiter. Now I have a slew of those babies, and they've come in real handy as a face covering. Of course, they have to be brightly colored 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh, I love gift guides!!! These are all great ideas. I want to emphasize that if any runner you know is still running with corded headphones, cordless headphones will be the best gift ever- it make a huge difference. You really put together a thorough and entertaining list! Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. How neat! I love this gift guide. I’ve also asked for race entries before. It saved me money and it gave people an easy thing to cross off the list!

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  6. I love your models! My daughter in-law is running her 2nd half marathon and I’ve been trying to think up a running related grift. I like the idea of kettle bells and medicine ball for strength training. Thanks Shathiso.

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  7. Great list! Its so true that even runners who seem to have everything can always use more- even if its things like new socks or sports bras. The recovery and strength training tools are always great to have at home!

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  8. Great roundup of gift ideas! I would love a gift of a new medal hanger since my current one is overflowing!

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  9. All great gift ideas! I would love something like a massage voucher or race entry as a gift, that’s something that would definitely be put to use!

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