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Pack With Me For Addo!

Over the last few days, I’ve been running around trying to get everything sorted for our trip to Addo! We leave on Thursday and I still have a million and one things to do – a tonne of meetings and reports, packing, blogging, PCR Test, and the biggest of all, writing detailed instructions for my dad to help him with the kids for the FOUR school days we’ll be away. I swear, the kids’ need their own PA just for juggling school, homework, afternoon activities and their LUGGAGE (books, 1 or 2 lunches depending on the day, and everything related to swimming, tennis, Setswana, music and art activities)! Anyway, on 15 Feb, the race organisers emailed a 28-page Guide on everything we need to know for the 44km Race. In it, they’ve listed compulsory items as well optional (but recommended) ones. Are you ready to help me pack? Let’s get started!

Compulsory Items

1/ Full waterproof outer shell (taped seams & hood). The final decision on this requirement will be announced at registration on Friday afternoon. Thank you to my awesome friends Tafadzwa and Ticha for gifting me this jacket. I absolutely love the bright pink colour as it’s so me!

2/ Long sleeve mid-layer/fleece. The final decision on this requirement will be announced at registration on Friday afternoon. I’ve pulled an old one from my winter stash!

3/ Buff/beanie. I’m going with my special The Gaborone Runner buff from my lovely friend Zurika. This will serve as my mask as well.

4/ A waist/back pack to carry two drinking bottles or a bladder (minimum of 1.5 litre capacity). My camelbak was falling apart at the seams but I’ve since had a tailor stitch it up so it is ready to go! I’m worried if it will fit everything so I’ll also bring my waist bag in case.

5/ Emergency whistle.

6/ Strapping (similar to KT Tape – i.e. 5cm+ wide, and adhesive. Minimum 1 metre).

7/ Space blanket.

8/ Medical info card with information on blood type, allergies, medical aid no, emergency contact.

9/ Torch/headlamp & batteries.

10/ Re-usable/plastic cup for coffee, tea, water. We got some flexible bottles a few weeks ago from Mr Price Sport. Planning to use this to mix my hydration salts as needed.

Recommended Items

Of the recommended items, these are the ONLY ones I’m bringing: cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, fully charged mobile phone, tissues, and spare dry socks. My husband will carry these items for us: anti-chafe cream, first aid kit (sterile dressings, blister care patches, painkillers) and ziplock bags. These are also recommended but we WON’T be packing them for the run: wet wipes, superglue, zip ties, trekking poles, microfibre towel, disinfectant and insect repellent.

Other Items

Then, of course, there are the things they didn’t mention but I’m bringing – gels, protein bars, rehydration salts, and gaiters in case there are those terribly sticky seeds out there.

Race Day Outfit

Do I run in shorts, capris or long tights? None of my shorts have pockets. My long tights are useful for trail running to prevent scratches, etc. But will they be too hot to wear? My capris with pockets may be the best option but I really want to run in shorts… Do I wear Botswana colours as this is an international race? Or do I wear bright colours to liven up my rather dull looking trail shoes? At the time of writing this blog, I am still undecided, but have packed all the possibilities. What has been decided though are my nails – inspired by Jenn’s very pretty leopard nails, I went for some elephants and a little reminder of the distance I’m running!

With my race items and outfit (almost) sorted, I can now attend to all the other things on my list! I only leave on Thursday, so please let me know if there’s anything you feel I’ve missed or something you think I can ditch from the optional list!

What do you love about destination races? What don’t you love about them? Have you had a long list of compulsory items for a race before? Have you ever done your nails for a race?

I’m joining Kooky Runner and Zenaida on their link up, Tuesday Topics. I’m also joining the Runner’s Roundup with Mile By MileCoach Debbie RunsConfessions of a Mother RunnerRuns with Pugs, and Laura Norris Running. Be sure to read their blogs and catch up with other runners from around the world.

34 thoughts on “Pack With Me For Addo!

  1. This is sooo exciting. Can’t wait to hear about it.

    I love destination races. Because you meet new people and you run in a new place.

    But so hard to be prepared. The weather can change on a dime. Most of my luggage is running stuff.

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    1. I pray we’re told no need for jacket and fleece as that would weigh me down especially if we don’t have to use it! But forecast is showing signs of rain so I suspect we will be told to carry it as essential item. Can’t wait to report back on how it went!


  2. It looks like you are all set for your trip! This is so exciting and I am looking forward to reading all about it on your blog. I loved doing ‘racecations’ pre-pandemic and hope to get back to doing them eventually.

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  3. You are well prepared, Shathiso!
    I just checked the weather for Addo this weekend – looks like you will have overcast skies like we had last year. Perfect!
    I hope you can ditch the rain jacket and the fleece so that you don’t have to carry them with you. I opted it out on the gaiters and the spare socks, too. Neither Kai nor I felt that it was necessary. I wore the buff around my wrist during the run – it was very handy to wipe the sweat off my face.
    I LOVE your fingernails!!!

    Where will you be staying overnight? We stayed in the SANParks Addo Accommodation. https://www.sanparks.org/parks/addo/tourism/availability.php?resort=21&camp_id=74
    It was a nightmare to get a booking confirmed and the accommodation was very simple – but at least it had a shower and a toilet.
    I wish I was doing this with you! You will love the run. The aid stations are fantastic – true angels out there with all you need.

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    1. Yes! Really hoping it’s overcast but hoping we get to ditch the jacket and fleece too! Can’t think of anything worse than lugging those around if I don’t need to! Thanks for the heads up on the socks and gaiters! The more I can leave out the better! I love the buff around my neck just because I’ve found its the best to prevent sunburn 🤣 but great idea to put it around wrist if it gets too hot.

      I remember you’d mentioned the simple accommodation so we decided to go for a spot a bit further away that looks a bit nicer. I really wish you were here with us but so confident we will meet either in Cape Town or in Gaborone! I owe you a run around these parts! Thank you for all these tips!

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  4. The only time I’ve had to think about things like this was my marathon in another state. It is a bit nerve wracking because you always worry you’ll leave something behind. I haven’t done my nails for a race but yours are super cute! I know picking your outfit can sometimes be the hardest thing so I hope you’re able to decide on that easily!

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  5. So exciting. Can’t wait to read how it goes.
    You’re well trained and are going to have an amazing race. Love the nails and the jacket (I just dropped a comment on that on FB)

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  6. Gotta say that manicure is SO on-point!! I have a similar pink wind breaker/rain slicker. I’ll try to wear mine and send some good vibes your way (you know, there’s Power In The Pink, right?) 😉 Best of luck!!!! I’m so excited to hear how your ULTRA goes 😉

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  7. wow you are prepared! When we do Ragnar relays we have a few mandatory safety items we have to have. That is a lot of gear to carry! I know you are going to have a fantastic time can’t wait to read about it. love the elephant nails!

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  8. Destination races are great – but SO MUCH work getting there! Sure it will be worth it. I definitely prefer a destination race if I am aiming to run for enjoyment rather than performance. As long as your pack fits then all is good. I would recommend a little duct tape (wrap a bit around an old bank card) as that can fix many issues. Most importantly – enjoy! Looking forward to the write up!

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    1. Hadn’t even thought of duct tape! Thank you so much for that tip. I’m with you on Destination Races being best when goal is enjoyment rather than performance. For performance, I love being in my own home environment, no stress of packing etc.!


  9. Amazing packing! I would say, if you can get a small microfibre towel, like a little bigger than a facecloth, they can be super useful for drying faces, feet etc. And I always pack an old fashioned men’s handkerchief – you can’t be wiping sunglasses with lycra!

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  10. Since you’ve already left I can’t add anything to your list but it sounds like you’re well prepared!

    I wore a skirt to my one trail half, but there was no worry about seeds or stickers. There was plenty of mud, though, so I did wear gaiters. Still had mud all the way up my legs!

    I’m so happy you’re getting to run the race & can’t wait to hear about it!

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  11. Eeek! This is so exciting! Your nails are fabulous!

    Destination races are so fun, but can be stressful making sure you have all the right things. At my most recent half, we completely misjudged the weather and had to run to Target to get warmer clothes and rain gear! Crazy!

    I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  12. So exciting! We pack so much for just a hike (and still forget things) that I would be nervous making sure I remembered everything for a trail or ultra race.


  13. I’m excited to hear your recap! Love the manicure and you always look so good in pink!


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