Journey to My First Half Marathon, Weeks 7 – 8

After running 17 races last year as a complete beginner, I am now training for my first Half Marathon on the 13th May 2018.

Over the last two weeks, I have been quite consistent with sticking to Coach Nicola’s training plan and my confidence has grown with each kilometre. There was a definite transition from “Why am I doing this?” to “Wow. I am doing this!” There is always a slight “niggle” in my left knee but I have learnt to manage it well with lots of stretches and my added strength training also seems to be helping. In Week 8, I started some 30-day challenges – Push Ups, Planks and Squats. I finally managed to get my last race recap up from my #17in2017 Challenge which took a huge weight off my shoulders! I attended a blogging workshop by Jen Fuller from Fuller Times and it was a great eye opener so over the next few months I will be making a few changes to the blog! But without further ado, here is my training recap for Weeks 7 and 8!

Week 7:

Monday, 12th February: Rest Day

Tuesday, 13th February: Outdoors,  Easy Run 41:14 min, 5.01 km. Although I am smiling in this photo, this was a tough run and at the end of it, I remember thinking to myself: What on earth am I doing? Why am I doing this? Why does my body feel so heavy? Honestly, it was hard.  My average heart rate was 171 bpm but my pace was just so slow. Certainly, 100% effort – just not getting very far.

Wednesday, 14th FebruaryGym, Boot Camp, 1 hour. As I was going out for Valentine’s Day, I took a gym class at 05:15 am! Boot Camp. Gruelling! My upper body strength is dismal but it can only get better from here. Morning is still not my optimal time for training but it felt good to be back!

Thursday, 15th FebruaryRest Day

Friday, 16th FebruaryTreadmill, Easy Run 35:31 min, 5 km. After my “mehh” run on Tuesday I was not really looking forward to this run. But I psyched myself up on the drive home and by the time I hopped on the treadmill, I was feeling a lot more positive and the run felt good.

Saturday, 17th FebruaryRest Day

Sunday, 18th FebruaryLong Run, 1:09:30, 8 km. I was so nervous beforehand! I just kept thinking, If I am struggling with 5 km, how will 8 km be? But I roped in my cousin Tapiwa and we set off – we stuck to a nice conversational pace and managed the full 8 km very comfortably. Such a fantastic feeling and a real boost to my waning confidence. I am back in the game!

Week 8:

Monday, 19th FebruaryOutdoors,  Easy Run, 40:27 min, 5.02 km. This run was tough to start off with – it was hot and I was tired from work. But once I got into the groove, it felt great. When I got home, I started my 30 day challenges – the 3 (yes, 3!)  push-ups were so tough I just burst out laughing at the end. The 20 second plank felt good and my squats/ leg raises fitted in nicely to my cool down sequence at the end of my run.

Tuesday, 20th February:  Gym, The Grid, 1 hour. What a class. What a battle. I don’t think I have ever sweated so much! There were 7 stations and we had to move back and forth between them. The instructor was tough but fair and kept us going for the whole hour. I left feeling like a warrior! 🙂

Wednesday, 21st February: Rest Day

Thursday, 22nd February: Treadmill, Pace Workout, 29.39 min, 4.30 km. Still feeling the pain from Tuesday’s Grid Class, I skipped Wednesday’s run and moved it to Thursday. But when Thursday came, I was more sore, even struggling to climb the stairs at work. With my long run looming on Sunday I really didn’t want to skip this run so when I got home I had a good warm up session and then hopped on the treadmill. My legs felt surprisingly good. This was an out and back pace workout, so I timed how long I ran in 15 minutes and then the aim was to match the distance but chop off 1 – 2 minutes. I was really pounding that treadmill in the second leg even my 3 year old commented, “Mummy, you were going so fast” but still I only managed to do it 20 seconds faster! Such a fun workout though!

Friday, 23rd FebruaryRest Day

Saturday, 24th FebruaryBlogging Workshop

Sunday, 25th February: Outdoors, Long Run 1:27:48 min, 10.5 km. The nerves I had felt the previous Sunday were gone and I had an incredible 10.5 km run through the fog!

Legs felt stronger, pace was faster than last week’s pace even if the distance was longer. A solid effort! 🙂

Mileage last 2 weeks: 37.83 km

Mileage this training cycle: 82.15 km

Gym Classes last 2 weeks: 2

Grade: A- (I was really pleased with both my Sunday Long Runs. I successfully completed the first week of the 30-day push-up, planks and leg challenge! But I didn’t get in as many gym classes as I was supposed to)

To keep myself accountable I am linking up with the lovely Courtney from Eat Pray Run and as usual the inspirational Holly from HoHo Runs and fabulous Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home

29 thoughts on “Journey to My First Half Marathon, Weeks 7 – 8

    1. My next long run is a 12k and I’m actually feeling excited about it! Just shows how much I’ve grown in confidence. Glad I’m taking it step by step, need all this positivity when I start tackling those 15 – 16km long runs! Thanks for hosting the link up and for your encouraging words!


  1. Hooray for empowering runs!!! I’m glad you had a great last run and that your cousin was able to get out there with you a few times! It’s pretty much always better to run with a buddy than to run alone! 🙂

    And nice work on your cross-training/strength work. That “grid” class sounds like a lot of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Each run just seemed to get better and better, and that last run was amazing – it was only supposed to be 10 km, but we kept going for an extra half km! So much better especially for those long runs! Going back for more Grid torture tonight!


  2. You training is coming along very nicely! You should feel empowered as you are a strong runner and will continue to get stronger as you build that endurance! I’ve never been good at push ups but I’ve been working on them for over 6months. They are still hard but now I can do about 20 (on a good day LOL). So even though you started with 3, the sky is the limit! Thanks for linking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Holly. Was terrified of the 8 km but just doing it made me so confident to do the 10 km, This Sunday is a 12 km and I’m feeling quite good about it! I am up to 5 push ups now! Struggling to get to 6 push ups, but let’s see what happens this week! I’m eyeing your 20!!


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