Diacore Half Training, Weeks 5 – 6

I am training for the Diacore Half Marathon on the 12th May 2019. I am really excited as this is where I did my first Half Marathon. I’m looking forward to setting a new PB, having fun and taking home a medal for Half #4 πŸ™‚

Week 5: Speed and Strength

Mon – Tues, 15th – 16th April: Two well-deserved Rest Days after aΒ successful race.

Wednesday, 17th April: Easy Run, 6 km, 42:12 | Upper Body Workout, 20 min. This was a really good run but I underestimated how early it gets dark now so the last km was my fastest as I tried to make it back home while I could still see. I still had some energy to spare so I continued with a beautiful 20-min Upper Body Workout with the HASFit Tribe.

Thursday, 18th April: Rest Day.

Friday, 19th April: Good Friday, Interval Training, 5.40 km, 36:44. I did 400 m x 9 intervals with 1:30 min rests. I shaved off about 19 seconds from my fastest 400 m time two weeks ago, with my best interval being 02:00 min. When I got home, I was stumped to find I also had new Personal Bests for 1 km (05:45 min, 17 seconds off), 1 mile (09:45 min, 5 seconds off) and even for 5 km (33:23 min, 41 seconds off). These weekly speed sessions since the Gabs Half Marathon are really paying off. My body also seems to have reluctantly accepted that this is the lifestyle I have chosen, LOL.

Saturday, 20th April: Easy Run, 8.5 km, 1:01:24 | Upper Body Workout, 20 min. I needed to see my aunt and uncle off at the Airport. I also needed to get 8 km done. As the Running Gods would have it, I live about 8 km from the Airport so the plan was obvious! I would run to the Airport and then my husband would follow later with the kids. I left the house around 7 am and made it on time. In fact, I had time to spare and did some stretching by the Airport Entrance as I waited for the others to arrive. Thankfully, security didn’t seem to see my stretching self as any kind of threat!

Once we were back home, I managed another 20-minute Upper Body Workout session. I really should be doing more leg work too but I love this particular workout!

Sunday, 21st April: Easter Sunday, Rest Day. I was meant to do a 16 km run today but was feeling awful when I woke up – groggy and with tummy dramas. So I took the day off.

Week 4: Rain, Spinning and Two Long Runs!

Monday, 22nd April: Easter Monday, Long Run, 16.44 km, 1:58:02. Rescheduling the run was a good call as this morning’s Long Run was lovely. I was just alone with my music and I didn’t really have any set route planned in my head so I just kind of ran. At a 07:11 min/km pace, it felt really comfortable. I also tested taking a gel earlier than usual (around 10 km) and found this was perfect timing and allowed me to have a very strong and energetic finish. I actually felt I could have gone on for even longer.

After my run, we took the kids to the cinema to watch the Queen’s Corgi… but on the way I spotted this beauty and had to add it to my collection! We waltzed into a coffee shop with it and then had to bring it into the cinema too. Who am I?! LOL.

Tuesday, 23rd April: Pilates, 1 hr.Β I hadn’t been to class in a while and I could feel it. The moves were a little bit harder for me to execute but I think I did quite well. We used the resistance band and targeted our glutes, hips and hamstrings.

Wednesday, 24th April:Β Easy Run, 5.1 km, 37:53 | Spinning Class, 1 hr. Remember a couple of weeks ago I said I had my first run in the rain? Well, I think on that occasion I misused the word “rain”. Today was my first real experience running in rain… heavy rain. I set off when it was cloudy. But I did not think it would rain. Half a kilometre in and the skies opened up. I initially thought it would be over in 5 min but it continued for the whole 5 km! So I officially dedicate this run to all the runner bloggers in Europe/ USA who are forced to do this far more regularly than this desert-runner is! In solidarity with them, I braved the rain only protected by my afro, my cap and my sense of humour. At one point my ear phone fell into a huge puddle but luckily I rescued it. Then there were the big trucks hitting puddles on the road leaving me even further drenched. Oh and the squidgy shoes. What a run. Once I got home, my husband had put a towel on the front door and I entered the house like a drenched puppy with its tail between its legs.

And if that wasn’t punishment enough, I went for Spinning Class that evening. I struggle with spinning and I think my first and last class was over a year ago. Ditiro was on hand to give me some tips on proper posture and engaging my core as I cycled which I think helped. But I didn’t realise how slippery and sweaty the handlebars get. I then noticed everyone in class had a towel and cycling gloves. Hhhmm. Isn’t running so much simpler?

Thursday, 25th April: Rest Day.Β 

Friday, 26th April: Tempo Run, 4.31 km, 28:36.Β My legs felt so unbelievably heavy. Definitely the after effects of Wednesday’s spinning class. But after a warm up jog, I pushed a tempo pace for 20 minutes and was happy to call it a day!

Saturday, 27th April: Long Run, 18 km, 2:12:39. I’m always nervous when I have to go up in mileage for my Long Run. But this was a great run. I still struggled with some heavy legs in the first 5 km, but after I had loosened up it went very smoothly. I kept things easy but I was still about 8-9 minutes faster than I was for my final long run in my previous training cycle. You really never know what will happen on Race Day, but one thing I know for sure, I am significantly stronger than I was a couple of months ago. I’ve really felt the changes especially in the last month or so.

Sunday, 28th April: Proud Mummy Supporter. The kids were at it again with a 5 km cycle race. This one was on the road and they loved it. Kaia tried out her bigger bike and showed some really good control, finishing really strong. Thiwa was also a little champion on his bike and we were just so proud of both of them.

Summary: I think this may just be my most consistent Training Cycle yet! I have gotten up early to run even on days I didn’t want to. I have braved the rain. I’ve done strength training, pilates and even a spinning class. I have taken no excuses. I’ve just gone out and done it. And… I’ve also finally posted all my 2019 race recaps.Β  Here are the links:

[Fortnightly Mileage: 63.75 km |Diacore Half Training Cycle: 181.03 km | 2019 Mileage: 449.71 km | Gym Classes: 2]

I’m joining two fabulous runners, Kim from Running on the Fly and Deborah from Confessions from a Mother Runner for their link up the “Weekly Run Down”.

18 thoughts on “Diacore Half Training, Weeks 5 – 6

  1. It has been so much fun to see all your progress! You’re running more frequently, and going longer and spanking PB’s all over the place.Congrats on EvErYtHiNg!!! (Ii had to laugh at your phrase “tummy dramas” LOL) Thanks so much for joining us on the link-up!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What an awesome 2 weeks of training! I love that you were able to run to the airport to get your miles in for that day. Some days are hectic but it’s all about finding a way to make it all work out.

    Love your photo with the bunny ears! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You had quite a week! LOL on buying the kettlebell and having to carry it around. I’ve gotten caught in surprise heavy rain a few times — the best way to cope is to laugh about it. Hooray for your kids!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Um, you RAN to the airport? You are one tough cookie who knows how to multi-task! πŸ™‚ Sounds like your training is going well. Congrats to your kids for their cycle race. They are just adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m absolutely in awe of how training is going for you!! Don’t you love it when you can just FEEL the benefits of speed trainings? And that rain run? Totally puts you in the badass category!!

    i love spinning (still not allowed) but yes it gets super sweaty!! I even wear bike gloves!!

    congrats to the kids on another successful sporting event!


  6. You really have had a great training cycle! That’s so cool that you can feel how much stronger you are. I hate running in hard rain like that, way to go toughing it out πŸ™‚


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