Diacore 10k Training Recap: Week 3

What a disaster – in summary, “cough, cough, splutter, splutter, sneeze, sneeze” – REPEAT! 😦 Boy, oh boy! Confession time: when my kids and husband were sick, I didn’t really take them seriously. I may even have muttered the term “man-flu” in the direction of my husband a couple of times. But this week was definitely:

The Gaborone Runner 0 – 1 The Common Cold

Monday: I was still in denial and put on a brave face for most of the day. I had a parent-teacher consultation at my daughter’s school in the afternoon, and once I was done, I grabbed a cappuccino, and headed for my 1-hour pilates class as planned. Now, let me be very honest… I am not the most elegant person on the pilates mat on a good day… but one thing my instructor knows is that I always give it my best shot. 🙂 But on this day, I felt exhausted, my legs were shaking, my breathing was chaotic; when we did the plank my nose was dripping onto my pink mat; I was just one big mess! But when I tucked my kids into bed that night, I still had some hope that I could fight this bug off.

Tuesday: This is the day when anger crept in… anger that I was sick. Anger that I couldn’t prepare for my next race on the 9th April. Anger at this whole “17 in 2017 Goal”. Anger at my very happy (and loud) kids for bringing this bug into the house in the first place. Anger at my fully recovered husband who excitedly shared his running and cycling stats with his mates on Strava. Anger at the whole medical fraternity who do not seem to have figured out the common cold. Anger at my mum who had to go out of town for work. Anger. Anger. Anger at the whole world.

Wednesday – Saturday: I must admit I did some bargaining, “Please let me not be sick now. I can be sick on the 10th April when my race is done and that will still give me enough time to train for Diacore”. Later I was just plain down and finally I reached acceptance. Acceptance that my goal here is to get fit – this is a long term LIFE goal, and sickness will happen, life will happen, and that is just that. But you get up again, and you keep pushing. Once I got to this point, things felt a lot easier…

Sunday: I woke up to find Ditiro all dressed up and ready for his early morning hike up Kgale Hill. He then asked, “Do you think you will manage to join me?” I actually felt good. Really good. I would love to be a hero and tell you that I jumped out of bed with excitement. But in reality there was that little pause and then that voice – “Noooo… you are still sick. Say no!!” However, I did muster a “Yeah, sure” with a slightly strained smile. But… I am so glad I did it (1:20 hrs, 3.94 km, 256 m ascent). I am back in the game people, back in the game!! 🙂

(I am linking up with the lovely Courtney at Eat Pray Run. I am also linking up with Tricia and Holly for their inspirational Weekly Wrap as well as the two Jess’s (Jess Runs Atlanta and Jess @ The Right Fits) for their Week in Review. Be sure to read what they and other bloggers have been up to this week!).

23 thoughts on “Diacore 10k Training Recap: Week 3

  1. So sorry that you were sick this past week 😦 I was battling a cold last week as well and was super excited when I was finally able to breathe through both nostrils during my run lol

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  2. I’m so miserable when I’m sick, even for just a few days…I hope you’re feeling much better now!

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  3. Haha! The only thing more miserable than being sick is seeing everyone else healthy and out running! Glad you are feeling better and got that great hike in to make you feel like you had turned the corner! Good luck on that race!

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  4. Sorry you were sick all week. May be it’s your body’s way of telling to rest up. I am usually a downer when I am sick and don’t even bother trying to work out. So kudos on actually making it to pilates! The hike really wanted you there! 🙂

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  5. I hate it when colds get in the way of my training! But you’re right – they’re a part of life and only temporary. Glad you’re feeling better and were able to get out for a great run by the end of the week!

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  6. I’m still laughing about the “man flu” comment. I can so relate. I’m happy you kicked that cold to the curb in short order and are back in the game. That’s such a cute tank you are wearing on your hike too. Thanks for linking, Shathiso!

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  7. Not being able to breathe through your nose is the WORST. Glad you’re on the mend! No kiddos in my house, but I swear, my “husband” brings home just as many germs if not MORE!


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