Gabs 1/2 Marathon Training, Week 6

I’m currently training for the Gabs 1/2 Marathon on the 10th March 2019. This will be my third Half but the first of the five Half Marathons I have planned this year. I have done this event twice before, in 2017 and in 2018, but both times I did 10 km.

Week 6: Back on Track

Monday, 4th February: Easy Run, 5.01 km, 38:03 | Strength Training, 45 min | Squats and Abs Challenge (Day 21). I mentioned in my last training recap that I struggled to get any workouts done but on Sunday I recommitted to the remaining weeks of this training cycle. And… I got off to a roaring start on Monday with a 5 km run on the treadmill followed by 45 min of strength training (arms, legs, abs). My treadmill that had suddenly stopped working last week, just as suddenly started working again this week but we are getting someone to service it as that hasn’t been done in the 10 years we’ve had it.

Tuesday, 5th February: Strength Training at Home, 30 min | Squats and Abs Challenge (Day 22). Those of you who are regular readers know how much I’ve struggled with strength training. So you can imagine how excited I am each time I get some done. I particularly love arm workouts and I have found myself staring vainly at my arm muscles taking shape as I do those bicep curls, LOL!

Wednesday, 6th February: Pace Workout Run, 4 km, 28:16 | Pilates Class, 1 hr. I got home a bit early from work and quickly did an out-and-back pace workout, going out for 2 km and then trying to make it back in a quicker time. I set off way too fast though so getting back in a quicker time was a fight to the bitter end! But I managed to do it 8 seconds faster, with my overall average pace coming to 07:04 min/km.

I then headed to the gym for a 1-hour pilates class. The instructor was slightly delayed but another gym instructor took us through a short warm-up sequence.

The pilates class itself was tough – most of it was done standing up using the pilates roller, which really tested our balance. We also did lots of arm work which had me regretting the work I had done the day before! I could hardly lift that roller up and it’s not that heavy!

Thursday, 7th February: Rest Day.

Friday, 8th FebruaryRest Day.

Saturday, 9th February: Long Run, 14.2 km, 1:48:07. It was a cloudy day so we set off a bit later than usual, 06:30. This was my longest run this training cycle and boy, was it long and tough. I had music to keep me company though and I really enjoyed that there were so many runners out. I crossed paths with the Gaborone Striders Running Club which was fun as I saw some people I knew and even gave a couple of High Fives! In terms of pace, my fastest stretch was the first 2 km but after that it was quite a laborious run to the end.

Sunday, 10th FebruaryEasy Run, 5.22 km, 40:08. I am so proud of myself. A run after a Long Run? Who am I? 🙂 I got up around 7 am and to my surprise it was another cool day! Having struggled with a heat wave the last 2 months, a cloudy day is always welcome. I was so excited at the thought of running without the sun blazing so off I went! I set my watch for 4 km but then enjoyed the cool weather so much I ran an extra km!

When I got back I did a 10 minute arm workout using dumb bells and then I was happily done for the week!

Summary: This was a solid week with 4 runs, a pilates class and 3 days of strength training. I loved my attitude this week and I loved how the workouts beautifully fitted in with the rest of my activities – checking homework, going on school runs, and working. I now have 4 weeks left until my third Half Marathon! Eeekkk!

[Weekly Mileage: 28.43 km | Gabs 1/2 Training Cycle: 148.54 km | 2019 Mileage: 148.54 km | Gym Classes: 1]

On The Blog: One of the big races I trained for last year was the Soweto Half Marathon and I was FINALLY able to get the race recap up this week! In case you missed it, here is the link. I loved writing it, enjoy!

To keep myself accountable I am linking up with the inspirational Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home. Guest hosting this week is the lovely Michelle from Running with Attitude.

20 thoughts on “Gabs 1/2 Marathon Training, Week 6

  1. How lovely to see folk you know on your long run – that’s always lovely. Well done on your recovery run, too. I’m set to try one of those today. As I didn’t get to run with Claire this weekend, I’ve decided to run back down her long run route to meet her and accompany her for the last few miles. I could have done with that myself yesterday so it feels like a good plan.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sorry I missed a bit of your training and that you were struggling a bit! It sounds though that you really had a good week last week! I hope you can ride that wave of success in this new week!

    have you been able to figure out why the long runs are so laborious? are you training on pace or heart rate? are you warming up sufficiently? my hubs and I always warm up 2km and then stop and do some dynamic stretching – maybe that would help you?

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    1. That week was a real struggle – work trip, treadmill broke down, then phone crashed, and I kind of gave up on running and working out! But so glad the following week was so much better. And thank you, yes, I am still riding the wave this week! *happy dance*

      I used to do most of my long runs with my cousin (we have a similar pace) but in January she moved out of town. So I think a big reason why I’m struggling with my long runs is not having someone to chat with through the pain, LOL! We used to catch up on everything on those runs. But I am getting used to running with music which has really helped. Thank you for the suggestion about warming up – I’ll try warming up longer – I know for the 14 km, my warm up was probably not enough. I always train using pace but my husband swears by heart rate.


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