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Behind The Scenes Of A Runner Blogger

Running and blogging started simultaneously for me almost four years ago and opened up a whole new world. I’ve absolutely loved being a runner blogger but admittedly when I first started out, I didn’t realise how much work was involved in both running and blogging. A few people have asked how I come up with content and also how I balance running and blogging with everything else in my life, so I thought it would be fun to write a Behind The Scenes post on what’s actually involved. Fellow bloggers will probably relate to a lot of what I say, those who don’t blog may be surprised by some stuff and others might even be inspired to start blogging!

Creating and Planning Content. My aim has always been to put out content that is honest, interesting and can motivate or inspire others to start or maintain a running lifestyle. When I started, I mostly documented my weekly training and race recaps. As I gained more experience, I felt more confident to share key lessons. But how do I plan it all? At the start of each year, I design a content calendar where I jot down possible topics as well as publishing dates. This is a flexible calendar, subject to change as things crop up in my life or globally.  So, for example, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, some of my planned  topics were no longer appropriate and most of my scheduled race recaps had to be thrown out. I then had to come up with topics that were relevant to the current situation such as how to keep kids active while in lockdown and what I miss about outdoor running, topics I never would have dreamt of! Thinking about what to write is a continuous process and I’m always scribbling ideas in my diary, usually when stuck in traffic.

Writing, Writing, Writing! Once I have topics or ideas, the next step is writing. What governs my writing is a desire to always be authentic. I want people to hear my voice, appreciate my experiences and understand my feelings. I openly celebrate my achievements but I also express when I’m struggling. Being vulnerable is not always easy but I find it’s that vulnerability that often encourages or helps someone out there. I also try to be creative – so with my race recaps for example, I use different formats or emphasise different aspects of a race just so they don’t end up sounding too similar. There’s usually a lot of mad writing at the start as the ideas flow, followed by lots of chopping and changing until I’m happy with it. As I work full time, writing is usually during my lunch breaks, in the evenings or over the weekends. It can be exhausting but I’ve found it to be really fulfilling and also a break from other areas of my life.

Getting The Shot. This is a huge part of blogging for me as I love including colourful photos in my posts. I don’t usually have a specific photo planned but I’m always looking for different photo opportunities. So when my husband runs with me, we usually stop for a few moments when we come across something interesting and have fun shooting different angles. However, there are times after I’ve written a blog post where I will have a very specific photo in mind and that’s when we will schedule a time to get it done. That’s when I also pay more attention to what I’m wearing to make sure it matches the surroundings I have in mind. We’ve had so much fun doing this even if my most commonly used phrase is “You didn’t get the shot!” I’ve just had another blog idea – getting my husband to write about what it’s like being married to a runner blogger!

Selecting Photos And Publishing. Once I have all the photos, the next step of course is choosing which one to use, putting my stamp on it and then deciding where to place it on the post. Sometimes when I have writer’s block, looking through the photos helps me to write. So for some posts, I’ve actually uploaded all the photos first and then writing has followed that process. When I feel a post is ready, I take a short break from it and then read it over again usually to my husband and kids. Although my husband sometimes suggests a few changes, he is never as harsh as my 6 year old son who once told me, “This is the worst bedtime story ever!!” You can’t please everyone! With all that done, it’s time to publish!

Managing Social Media. Once published, I use various platforms to share it. Most, if not all, my posts are shared on link-ups hosted by runner bloggers – the  Weekly Rundown, Tuesday Topics and the Runners’ Roundup. These link-ups connect various runner bloggers and as part of this I’ve met the most wonderful and supportive runners from around the world. We’ve never met but I genuinely consider them to be friends as I know their husbands’ names, how many kids they have and even their dogs’ or cats’ names! Linking up has been a great way for me to learn from others and has also enabled me to support others when I can. I also share my blog posts on Facebook and Instagram. In between blog posts, I use social media to share some of my runs, motivational messages and inspirational quotes as well as to celebrate special days. I’ve found there are some people who don’t have time to read blogs so this has been a great way to connect with them. Managing social media, reading and commenting on other blogs takes a bit of time too but it’s something I enjoy and I usually find time during the day to get it done.

I Can’t Stop Running! Finally, there is the actual running! Without running, there is no blogging! So blogging has helped to keep me running on those days I don’t feel like it. Races used to be great as I’d always have a reason to run and something to write about! This year has been a lot more challenging and to keep running as well as blogging, I’ve done a lot of virtual challenges such as The Un-Cancelled Project, I’ve gone on hiking expeditions, and I’ve organised fun events like my 10K Time Trial, 9×9 Spring Challenge and fun trail run in Mokolodi Nature Reserve with a few of my friends to celebrate the first ever Global Trail Running Day. So in a nutshell, blogging keeps my running exciting and running keeps my blog going. I’m trapped guys!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes. There is a lot of thinking, planning, writing and running that goes on. But I love it. I get to write which is what I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve made incredible connections with people around the world, I’ve explored new places I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and I’ve become a runner in the process. I say that’s a win all round!

If you’re a runner blogger, is there anything else you do behind the scenes? Do you find blogging keeps you running and seeking fun challenges? If you’re not a blogger, are you surprised by what actually happens behind the scenes? 

I’m joining two amazing runners, Kim from Running on the Fly and Deborah from Confessions from a Mother Runner for their link up, the “Weekly Run Down”. Hop on over to their blogs and others, and be inspired!

38 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Of A Runner Blogger

  1. Running and blogging takes up so much time! I have also grown to love and feel very connected to all the bloggers in our link ups. It’s a great support system as well. I love your honesty and genuineness in your posts thanks for linking up

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  2. Running takes up a lot of time, but that’s all good. Blogging is definitely a time suck; my husband complains about it. I cut back on blogging this summer and that’s when I found all these home improvement projects that need to be done. i think he’d rather i blog… :p

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  3. What a fun idea for a blog post! I’ve noticed that I don’t post as much on my Instagram feed anymore because I don’t have patience to get the perfect shot, lol. I still post a lot on Instagram stories though.

    Right now I’m blogging 2-3x a week which is a good schedule that I can maintain – anything more and I don’t think I would have time for it.

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  4. this is so great! how cool that you found blogging AND running around the same time.

    The photos/action shots can be the hardest part 🙂

    I think you have a very authentic and interesting point of view and am glad you share it with us!

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  5. It was so fun to read about your approach to blogging! It is a huge time commitment, and I also work fulltime, so the balance is tough to manage at times. I have to laugh at the number of outtakes a single “perfect” photo can require…and then, usually, the first shot winds up being far better than all the attempts to get a better one. Or maybe that’s just me….

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  6. This was fun to read! There really is alot that goes into blogging. Back in 2014 I used to blog 5 days a week! I have no idea how I was able to write that much. Now I post 2-3 days a week and thats more manageable. I like to share my workouts and then a running post for the Runners Roundup. It is such a fun hobby even though it can take quite a bit of time!

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  7. Love this peek behind the scenes! All your hard work pays off because your posts are always so good! I’ve lost my mojo for writing “evergreen” content, but I love the community so I keep up with my recaps and social posts. You’re lucky your husband is such a willing and good photographer — mine is neither. 😉

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  8. This was interesting, Shathiso!
    I had to smile about “getting the shot”. I think my husband should also write a blog post about that! Now he is quite used to it and uncomplainingly takes a few photos. 😉
    I love it that you read your draft versions to your family! Kids can be harsh, haha!
    I follow two strict rules to keep blogging in its place: I only post on Tuesdays and I limit my posts to 500 words. This is the perfect balance for me.
    After all, there is running to do!

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    1. I’m glad your hubby is cooperative too! My boy hates my blog and I did try to read him what I thought was an exciting blog post, but sadly, he had a very harsh conclusion! Haha! I’m similar too you in that one post a week is doable for me. I love that you keep it consistent, as in every Tuesday! I average around one post a week BUT tend to skip some weeks and then try to make it up later.

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  9. Well I for one am certainly glad that you started blogging because I love reading. My blogging process is taking a lot of pictures throughout the week, and then sitting down on Sunday morning to write about running and then on Sunday night or Monday night I write about food. Once in a blue moon I’ll do an extra post. It’s a really fun hobby.

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  10. I don’t think people realize what goes into blogging. The writing and social media are such a huge component and then you have the sponsorships and business side of it, too. It’s really quite a bit of work. Some days, I just don’t have it in me to watermark photos, and that’s when you know it’s time for a break LOL!

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  11. That about sums it up, except you are a much more organized blogger than I! When I started my blog 12 years ago, it was merely a journal of my training for my first Boston Marathon. I was a writer by profession who was then home with very young children, so it was my way of continuing to write. I had no idea anyone would actually read it, let alone that there’d be a COMMUNITY. That truly is the best part.

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  12. I, unfortunately, rarely remember to take photos. And don’t usually photograph myself running either — most of the time I’m just trying to get the run done & get on with my life, LOL! But yes, it is definitely time consuming.

    And then I started my YouTube Channel — another very time consuming venture!

    But yes, if you love what you do, it’s not work. Well, sometimes, gotta be honest. 🙂

    You are really great at coming up with creative ideas for posts, Shathiso! it’s always really great to see what it’s like to live & run in different countries through our linkups.

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    1. Thank you so much Judy! I really love thinking of different things to write though I sometimes get stuck on ideas and take a break! I can’t imagine throwing a YouTube Channel into the mix! That’s a new dynamic and definitely time consuming as well! Well done for balancing the two!

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  13. I loved this! I put a lot of effort into getting photos when I’m blogging about my running and I love the meetups real and virtual (and the Zoom calls I had with a few people early in lockdown) and reading blogs but I’m quite liking having a break from running blogging while still feeling connected to the people I follow. I always enjoy your posts and love the effort you put in to curate them.

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  14. Good post! I had plans initially to post a lot more than I do on my blog. I used to write more posts but had very few comments and interaction on them, so I stick with my weekly recap now (which often turns into a bloated post due to it’s weekly nature!). I’m bummed because my app for taking action photo shots isn’t working right now, so I’ll be having some lame pictures until it’s fixed! 🙂 You are very organized in terms of topics. That’s great!

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    1. I struggle to write more than I already do (which averages about 1 a week) so I’m always so impressed when people get more done! My phone camera is rubbish so I use my husband a lot to get photos done. I think it’s high time I got myself a decent phone with a camera!

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  15. I love reading your posts because they’re always so authentic and very interesting. You always come up with some great topics!

    That is so funny what your son said! It made me laugh.

    Many times I struggle to come up with good content but I realize that it is my blog and my thoughts/point of view. Not everyone will like it or agree with me.

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    1. My boy is very honest! Got to love that age, LOL! Thank you so much for your feedback Zenaida and for hosting platforms that also allow us to link up and connect as runners. I see you’re part of the Fit Friday Five so I’ll be sure to start linking there as well!


  16. Running or any exercise is a great way to stimulate creativity. I came up with a quote: “I do my best writing when I am running or hurting. Often, that is the same time…”
    Keep runnin’ an’ writin’

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