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Let’s Go Shopping For Funky Pants!

I’ve had a crazy couple of months; and I’m really looking forward to my last day at work so I can find some time and space to evaluate the year – I know a lot didn’t go according to plan, but I also know a lot of good stuff happened. But right now, it all feels a bit of a blur… So, I’m eager to find some time for quiet reflection. I’ve also got a lot of Christmas prep left, my end-of-year summer cleaning plus of course my 100 Blog challenge! With 19 more blogs to write… in 17 days – I’m cutting it really close. Will I manage?! Let’s find out! LOL. But this afternoon as I sat looking at a few work deadlines, I decided to take some time off to visit The Grip Runner and use my birthday gift voucher from my friend Zurika! It was a much-needed break.

Of course, there was only one thing I was looking for… Funky Pants. These pants are made in Durban, South Africa and not only are they seriously fun and colourful, they are so comfortable. I got my first pair last year and fell in love. I’ve been eager to add another pair or two to my arsenal and just loved how bright these were. I can’t wait to show them off in town.

This is not a sponsored blog, but I love sharing things I love. So, a bit of history… funky pants started nearly 14 years ago when Tracy Harker was organising an Ocean Surfski Paddling Series in South Africa. According to their website, Tracy was “disillusioned by the paddle shorts available, not simply because of their lack of funk but also because of the fit. The result was a pair of ridiculously comfy, fully lined mid-thigh length, paddling tights”. After a few years of making plain coloured paddling shorts, she decided to test the market with some funky looking pants, with the awesome tagline, “Fighting boredom, one pair at a time.” What I’ve loved seeing are so many “serious” looking guys in Gaborone rocking their bright funky pants! Now, you can imagine my excitement to find a pair of these Christmas shorts – I’ve never owned specially designed Christmas running gear and will wear these every December until they wear out!

With the change I had left, I grabbed a pair of Balega socks which I find extremely comfortable especially during my long runs. I’m so excited about my new purchases and can’t wait to wear them on the run! Isn’t it amazing what a bit of retail therapy can do for the soul?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Shopping For Funky Pants!

  1. Oh I love the Christmas shorts! I have a pair of Little Miss Christmas running tights that were expensive and are quite thin so not very warm: I do make an effort to wear them as much as possible in December. This morning it was -1 when I went out to run and then started snowing, so I was glad I wasn’t wearing them, but I did wear them to my BookCrossing Not So Secret Santa swapping meet up (under a long skirt) this afternoon!

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