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YOUR Favourite Instagram Photos in 2022

As we wind down the year, I’m looking at stats from all corners and angles. Today, I’m sharing the FIVE photos on my Instagram which garnered the most likes in 2022. Let me first start with my personal favourite (which didn’t make it anywhere near the Top Five). I had just recovered from a nasty cold and went for my run dressed in bright pink for breast cancer awareness. I felt so powerful in this colour and stance. Photo taken by Thiwa. Shared 29 October 2022.

BUT… this post isn’t about my personal favourites! Let’s get to the real business of the day!

YOUR Five Favourite Instagram Photos

1/ Caption: “I am an ultra-marathoner.” Photo taken by Ditiro. Shared 19 March 2022.

2/ Caption: “Very proud of my two boys! One finished first in the Maru-A-Pula School 10km race, and the other did an awesome 5km race as one of the youngest runners in the field. A brilliant morning celebrating MAP’s 50th Anniversary”. Photo by Tapiwa. Shared 8 October 2022.

3/ Caption: “Our girl Tshire is running Comrades (90km) in a couple of weeks and asked us to run with her this morning for her final long run. How could we say no? It was 22.5km in the bag for me, followed by an incredible stretching session by SLV Yoga House and various baked goodies. In total, the five of us ran 120km! What an awesome thing to be surrounded by such inspirational women.” Photo taken by Ditiro. Shared 14 August 2022.

4/ Caption: “I woke up this morning to so many kind and congratulatory messages! Thank you all. After 9:42 hours on the trail, I have so much to say, and I will probably start every sentence from now on with ‘As an ultra-marathoner…’ LOL! But let me leave you with this today: ‘The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.’ – John Bingham. Go get what’s yours! It’s possible.” Photo taken by Ditiro. Shared 20 March 2022.

5/ Caption: “Less than 12 hours after completing Day 1 of the 10×10 Challenge, I was back at it! You go big or you go home, right?! As part of the Challenge, I’m celebrating the Top 10 countries reading my blog in 2022! In 9th place, we have Tanzania. I didn’t think I’d pull off all the flag colours but with Ditiro’s headscarf, it’s a win. Asante sana! Thank you for all your support – I appreciate you”. Self-timed photo. Shared 2 December 2022.

Thank you to everyone supporting me on Instagram! If you follow me on Facebook, thank you for all your support too! I appreciate you all. Did your favourite photo make it to this Top Five?

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